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    Ultra wide screen + terraria

    hello there! i know that terraria will never suport ultra wide screen cause of the "aggro spawn" enemies. saw that when i used some third party tricks to get my ultra wide screen working well with terraria. enemies that are far in the right and the left spawn in the screen instead of off...
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    Suggestion fossil/moutain biome with the famous 4 liquid!

    SO why not add a "petroleum " liquid in a fossil/ moutain biome or maybe just desert..when in contact with lava : create a big EXPLOSION/ boooooom! and we can use this oil to fuel many mechanical engine ... thats my suggestion of the day dont understand how in a game where u dig.... they are...
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    search for a sword mod "overahaul"

    exodus change the way shortsword is and terraria overhaul too. i want a standalonemod that let you swing them in any direction i want to be able to aim my sword..but if i disable these 2 mods i cant do anymore.. they are a standalone mod somewhere using this mechanism?
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    Problem with a mod who added arkhalis and enchanted sword on table loot

    its so easy now cause i can get both in early game after 10 chest... can you help me to find the mod who do THIS? [ "AlchemistNPCLite", "Antiaris", "AssortedCrazyThings", "AutoTrash", "BaseMod", "BossChecklist", "chadsfurni", "CosmeticVariety", "Critters", "CrystiliumMod"...
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    What happen when Terraria will Update for 1.3.6?

    just a simple question....no option to stop the update.. there is a way to prevent that? cause i dont want to suddenly lose all my mods/loader. can you "downgrad" your game or need to backyp some files? thanks in advance :)
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