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  1. Alyxia

    PC Spawning Enemies in Journey Mode through the Bestiary (or other methods)

    While I was browsing the wiki, it dawned on me that, while you can duplicate boss spawners, there's no way to, say, spawn a Spiked Slime whenever you wanted. I propose that, in Journey Mode, you would be able to spawn a non-boss enemy by hitting some button in the bestiary. However, you would...
  2. Alyxia

    Working as Designed Fish Bowls don't seem to have a Blood Moon texture

    I don't think this is really a bug more than it is just an omission of a feature, but I felt like this was probably not intended/was overlooked and wanted to bring it up. Obviously, this isn't an urgent issue, so this doesn't have to be put anywhere near first in priority Edit: Now that I'm...
  3. Alyxia

    Revamping Console Enemies and Content ft. Slime Staff

    Console Enemy and Content Revamp ft. Slime Staff Upgrades You might remember the recently removed Console enemies like the Orca and Arch Wyvern, but they weren't too useful and seemed to not be as good of an addition as they could be. This proposal hopes to give a better use to them and make the...
  4. Alyxia

    Bone Key minion

    While getting the Bone Key after defeating the Dungeon Guardian is awesome (since it's basically your own pet Dungeon Guardian!), and can be shown off to other players, I feel like it could serve more of a greater purpose. This suggestion could go 2 different directions: a) The Skeletron Head...
  5. Alyxia

    Mobile Title messages for Mobile (iOS)

    While the Title messages on the Desktop/PC version are a minor feature and go pretty much unnoticed by most players, I feel like it would be a cool little thing to have on Mobile (and it would bring mobile one more teensy-tiny step towards the equivalency with PC that DR Studios is going for) to...
  6. Alyxia

    **REPORTED** [Mobile] Character Quality Setting is inverted

    The title; setting Character Quality to "High" in Settings will make NPCs, Critters, and Enemies blurry, whereas Character Quality on "Low" renders them normally.
  7. Alyxia

    A Use for the Obsidian Rose: Molten Rose and the Bone Serpent Skull!

    Before the release of 1.4 comes around, I just wanted to put out a few quick suggestions which could help out fire-related accessory progression. Here's the most important suggestion: Molten Rose The Molten Rose will be an accessory that combines two very similar abilities which NEED to be...
  8. Alyxia

    A Herpling Mount?

    We all know the Herpling, the notorious enemy that seems to come from a universe without knockback. This gave me an idea: what if there was a mount that incorporated this? Enter the Herpling Mount, which would be moderately fast (maybe 20mph) and travel on the ground by hopping. When hit by an...
  9. Alyxia

    Resolved [Xbox One] How do I set up Splitscreen on Xbox One 1.0.983.5?

    I used to splitscreen a lot with myself for testing and with friends for general gaming, but it seems that the controls were changed for splitscreening. Anyone able to tell me how quickly? EDIT 2: I tried pressing A and logging in, but it just switches dominance of my controllers, and does NOT...
  10. Alyxia

    Xbox One Old Goldfish Mechanics?

    Currently running on UPFI (or something like UPFI) -- 20160815 Can verify Fishing and Bug Nets are in the game. - So, I found a bug where Goldfish drop not only when catching, but also when killed! They also restore health when consumed, rather than releasing them. I have checked to make sure no...
  11. Alyxia

    Mobile iOS Screen Recording: Apple ReplayKit and Everyplay

    For this suggestion, there’s a minor bug fix needed and a suggestion that ties in with it: Bug to be Fixed: In the past few updates, I’ve noticed that Everyplay support was dropped, but still tries to load itself, causing an Everyplay version error to display at launch. It doesn’t affect...
  12. Alyxia

    Mobile Tsunami has bait power?!

    Hi Terraria Team, I was just fishing on my character in the underground hallowed snow to get the Scaly Truffle when my Unreal Tsunami suspiciously disappeared. Luckily, I had a backup character and just gave myself back the bow. Just to be sure, I went and backed up my new, restored character. I...
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