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  1. MHDemon

    PC Christmas World

    It's still christmas day here where i live, so i want to share what i try to make, an entire christmas world, each pylon will be decorated for christmas. But since i did not have enough time, i could only finish the snow pylon and the forest pylon, only the snow one will be a big one, the others...
  2. MHDemon

    Forest Pylon and Armor Gallery

    I wanted to share my maind build world i created since 1.4 came out on mobile, i'm improving it since the 1.4.4 update. Here is my forest town, a small one but with a huge gallery of armor underneath. Here are all the game armors with their variants, but only the main ones (the ancient armors...
  3. MHDemon

    Terraria 1.4.5 is Coming in 2023 - including Terraria x Dead Cells!

    So, no more "final update" as i can see
  4. MHDemon

    Secret World Seed

    I know you can do it with TEdit but you will reveal your map to do it, no surprises. Also, i know it sounds pretty simple but is just a cosmetic feature that will change de basic experience of the game, it doesn't need to be challenging like the "for the worthy" seed, just something funny...
  5. MHDemon

    Secret World Seed

    So, i was watching a video from Wand of Sparking about myths in Terraria and in one of them he talks about meteorite being painted if they land on painted blocks, so he painted the whole world with negative paint and it looked so cool. I was thinking about a secret seed that paint your world...
  6. MHDemon

    Stuff i've built

    Is that painted meteorite brick?
  7. MHDemon

    The Quest to Not Suck!

    I can't see the images
  8. MHDemon

    PC Castlevania Symphony of the Night (Completed)

    The only downside i see is the light, it is very very dark, but still impresive. I would like to play that. Will you add the saturn levels?
  9. MHDemon

    PC Christmas Home

    Very nice, and i whould like to see that village
  10. MHDemon

    Xmas town

    Hello terrarians, here is a creation i started two years ago (yeah two years) but "finished" last year, this year i want to expand it so tellme what do you think.
  11. MHDemon

    PC WarWar's Builds

    I like it very much, i made a christmas town a while ago and i want to upload here, maybe i'll do it
  12. MHDemon

    Got a few nice builds, builder from Aurora Terraria

    Awesome, i'll take some ideas if you don't mind ;) i have a question: What are those purple walls in the ebonwood rooms?
  13. MHDemon

    PC WarWar's Builds

    What are the eggs made of?
  14. MHDemon

    PC WarWar's Builds

    Don't worry, i really like your builds ;)
  15. MHDemon

    PC WarWar's Builds

    Your Base alpha v3 is so big it crashes my computer's chrome, i had to check it on a diferent computer
  16. MHDemon

    PC WarWar's Builds

    Omg! Mother Brain :D
  17. MHDemon

    PC WarWar's Builds

    Oh great, i didn't knew the meteor beds
  18. MHDemon

    PC WarWar's Builds

    Wow, such awesome builds, i have a question, what is this made of?
  19. MHDemon

    PC Steamrolling Through 1.3: Introducing Steam Integration

    Wow, is there a link to this half fake spoiler?
  20. MHDemon

    PC Steamrolling Through 1.3: Introducing Steam Integration

    I will trust only a week later... by the way, what happened with fishron last year?
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