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  1. mish20011

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    Please update... 89, 90, 91 tracks are still called Unknown
  2. mish20011

    Wavebank Yuu's Touhou Arranges Wavebank [1.4]

    it is time to update my friend
  3. mish20011

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    you are right, and what's wierder is the wavebank created hasa small file size I edited this certain wavebank which is 600 mb because I added track 90, I rebuild it and it suddenly became 137 mb and guess what, the game infinitely loads the sunflower loading screen while the intro music keeps...
  4. mish20011

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    Why can't I extract this wavebank? it says error "Index was outside the bounds of the array" its not a matter of size because the touhou wavebank is 600 MB
  5. mish20011

    Wavebank Touhou Wavebank for 1.4

    oh thank you
  6. mish20011

    Wavebank Louk's version of the Touhou Remix Wavebank

    do u plan to update this?
  7. mish20011

    Wavebank Touhou WaveBank 1.4 (uwu)

    do you plan to update this?
  8. mish20011

    Wavebank Small Wavebank collection

    Now is maybe a good time to update your wavebank to 1.4.3
  9. mish20011

    Wavebank Touhou Wavebank for 1.4

    I know I am a year late but... link seems gone 😕 please upload the wavebank again m(_ _)m
  10. mish20011

    Wavebank Small Wavebank collection

    Why can't I extract the wavebank? TExtract/QuickWaveBank says "Index was outside the bounds of the array"
  11. mish20011

    Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

    does this still work? I tried making a wave bank out of the wave files I have converted from mp3 + I added the quickwavebank.txt and I renamed the files based on the track list but when I open terraria it doesn't have sound and its stuck in an infinite loading edit: I checked the streaming...
  12. mish20011

    Texture Pack Rainlight UI and Stormdark UI

    hope you can release it soon!
  13. mish20011

    PC Bosses as anime girls texture pack. (this is not a texture pack i just want it.)

    just overwrite the content files in C:\GOG Games\Terraria (make sure u have copy of content) if you download the files there is a readme.txt anyways
  14. mish20011

    PC Undertale Themed Texture Pack Beta.

    will you be doing an update for this texture?
  15. mish20011

    Wavebank Touhou Music In Terraria (1.4)

    umm, why is it that the mega file is 180 mb only but the steam one is 400 mb?
  16. mish20011

    Music Pack Touhou Mega Music Mix Pack

    >Overworld Day Remix and Otherworld tracks are unchanged. SadKEK I am just sad that the touhou music in steam was like 3.84 gb like WTF how did a music pack get that large, unlike this though, guess I try this with this one
  17. mish20011

    Tool TExtract - Extract Terraria's images, sound effects and music!

    does this still work for
  18. mish20011

    [0.1v-alpha] Auto swing mod is out and it doesn't seem to work anymore edit: ty for the update edit2: It seems there is a bug in which I can't switch items with hotkeys when holding left click, but works when this mod is not on, also tried with using mouse scroll but it only switches after I stop holding left click
  19. mish20011

    Texture Pack Khoir TexturePack

    can you also please add the custom player texture pack? that u use
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