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    Some New Wing Ideas

    Over all this seems like a good idea although I'm not so sure about the Dragon wings considering we already have the item betsy's wings.
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    Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

    I don't know if someone has mentioned this yet, but during the journeys end trailer if you pause it at the right time you can find out the name of the spear used in the underground desert biome. In order to do this you have to go to chippygaming's journeys end trailer breakdown video and pause...
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    Decline House Settlement

    One time my nurse moved into the sky house and my guide moved into the massive tree, so I had to destroy all their furniture to get them to leave. Totally support this idea.
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    PC New yoyo! For Pre - hardmode.

    I think it should drop from the queen bee instead of having all these different recipes that require items you obtain from defeating the queen bee.
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    Rage candle

    I think it would make more sense if it doubled enemy damage instead of health and defense although this may be a bit over powered.
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    PC Gold Critters

    I don't think making every critter have a gold variant is a good idea. If anything just add a few gold critters.
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    Summoner: Daybloom staff

    Love this idea mainly because it makes dayblooms much more useful early game.
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    Add ice blade to the night's edge

    The devs are expanding this recipe in 1.3.6 so I don't see any need for this being implemented into the game.
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    The Alchemist Class

    Isn't this just a buffed throwing class? I highly doubt this will make it into the game considering they're simplifying different classes in 1.3.6.
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    Summoning Suggestions

    They will add more than 1 summoning weapon in 1.3.6 for sure. These ideas are cool nonetheless.
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    CC Creation Compendium #70

    Dethnero's work is awesome!
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    Grave Option

    Graves should just despawn after a certain amount of time.
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    PC Robot Pet

    Pretty cool, maybe the summoning item could be a remote control.
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    Traditional Chinese

    Can you be more specific.
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    Lots of suggestions!

    I actually think the swamp would suit better as a mini biome on the surface. And also cooking in my opinion would be better if it restored your health or gave you immunity to a buff.
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    Expanding on the Summoner class

    I support for the most part, although I'm not a huge fan of the damage drop off from putting the staff away. And if you can control where your minions go wouldn't that just turn all summoning weapons into items similar to the rainbow rod?
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    Critter Ideas!

    Owls would be cool. Don't have many night spawning critters.
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    Allow minions to gather around cursor

    Wouldn't this just turn all minions into a controllable projectile, similar to the flying knife and rainbow rod?
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    Too Many Blood Moons & Solar Eclipses

    For me it's the opposite, after I defeated the mechanical bosses I only got solar eclipses I didn't get a single blood moon. Terraria really needs to fix their spawn rates so you can experience each event a relatively equal amount of times.
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    Selective looting

    I suggested this mechanic so you wouldn't need to constantly manage your inventory. And remember you don't have to use This feature, its for whoever wants it. This is supposed to simplify looting not complicate it.
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