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  1. DasherVIP

    Texture Pack Team Fortress 2 Texture Pack

    Merasmus as lunatic cultist? Pretty please?
  2. DasherVIP

    PC The Hollow Knight Texture Pack

    I'm hyped to see this finished ^- ^
  3. DasherVIP

    PC A Fluffier Terraria

    Can't you just take the sprites you want / don't want in and out?
  4. DasherVIP

    8-Bit texture pack

    The 8-bit texture pack (V0.1) is a pack that has a simple goal, to make terraria textures simplistic. Even with half the pixels, my attempts are to keep all the sprites colorful and vibrant. Currently the pack has 78 item sprites, 21 buff sprites, 1 NPC sprite, 1 finished tileset, and some...
  5. DasherVIP

    How to get started on your texture pack

    thats exactly what im thinking, haven't found the sprites name yet tho
  6. DasherVIP

    How to get started on your texture pack

    Im out here throwing another question to the pile, is there a way to change the title?
  7. DasherVIP

    tModLoader A custom potion ?

    Well i am certainly late, however to make an item consumable you use item.consumable = true;
  8. DasherVIP

    tModLoader ChemX │Extra potions, buffs and consumables!

    Current version: 1.1, with almost 3000 downloads!
  9. DasherVIP

    tModLoader Bismuth Mod 1.0.2 [Released WIP]

    Discord invite is over, let me iiiiiiiiinnnn
  10. DasherVIP

    Tool TExtract - Extract Terraria's images, sound effects and music!

    Didn't work, caused pc to crash several times :/
  11. DasherVIP

    tModLoader Subnautica mod

  12. DasherVIP

    tModLoader Subnautica Mod | Need Help!

    This definitely need updating, kinda bland bruh
  13. DasherVIP

    tModLoader Master Mode Reloaded (M.M.R)

    Ah i was thinking if it needs any unique projectile sprites or new items
  14. DasherVIP

    tModLoader Master Mode Reloaded (M.M.R)

    Need any sprites done? I'm pretty good at making sprites that look like vanilla
  15. DasherVIP

    tModLoader The Terrxplosion Mod!

    Alright so, looking at your sprites, the only problems i can really see is that the colors don't really mesh well. Also some weapons have too weak light colors and no clear outlines, some outlines are a color that really just hurts the sprite. If you need any help with sprites i would gladly...
  16. DasherVIP

    Error CS0103

    Edit: Nvm i forgot to define the player
  17. DasherVIP

    Error CS0103

    My projectile "bitSword" has the error CS0103 but i can't find a solution anywhere. When compiling it says "The name 'player' does not exist in the current context warnings" Here is the projectiles code: using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Terraria.ModLoader; using...
  18. DasherVIP

    How can i make weapons pierce?

    Thanks, I had a hard time finding it.
  19. DasherVIP

    How can i make weapons pierce?

    The title says it all. I'm trying to work on a mod that adds weapons but i can't find this information anywhere.
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