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  1. Renk

    tModLoader Skybound - The Exploration Story

    Updated forum page to current times. More will come as more spoilers are posted. If a spoiler is showcased in the Discord, it will be posted here in a couple hours after. I suggest joining the Discord to view ALL upcoming spoilers, announcements, etc!
  2. Renk

    tModLoader Spooky Mod

    this mod's lit
  3. Renk

    tModLoader Ascensionverse

    looks great
  4. Renk

    tModLoader The Ultranium Mod

    Announcement made through the Ultranium Discord Server Archive: Sent by HugeKraken, one of the developers of Ultranium.
  5. Renk

    tModLoader The Ultranium Mod

    Mod was canceled.
  6. Renk

    Forgotten Realms, It's a mod (not yet).

    what are you going to do about Mod Compatibility?
  7. Renk

    tModLoader Antiaris

    they aren't even the developers of Tremor 2 lol
  8. Renk

    tModLoader Ascensionverse

    Good to hear! Well, love the effects and work!
  9. Renk

    tModLoader Ascensionverse

    Good news, what about the Northern Lights effect? Thats what caught me off guard the most, probably should've specified. Also, im not accusing, just letting you know so you can inform me & others who could possibly see the simularities.
  10. Renk

    tModLoader Ascensionverse

    That lighting and sky glow is eerily similar to Various Weathers...
  11. Renk

    tModLoader The Confection Mod - An Alternate Hallow!

    Well, there's a new confection mod. Called Confection Rebaked. Check it out.
  12. Renk

    tModLoader Necromancy

    I have control over the mod as of rn. I don't have a version posted on mod browser, or even updated to the latest tMod.
  13. Renk

    tModLoader Subworld Library

    Full dependency is the way to go for SubworldLib iirc. Full dependency hasn't caused me any trouble as of yet.
  14. Renk

    tModLoader THE MATRIX MOD homepage!

    Would be ideal to detail what your mod is about (if there is a theme), show sprites of the content, or spoilers/images of in-game content. What you have posted does not create any anticipation or motivation to check the mod out
  15. Renk

    WIP The Cosmic Cataclysm: A take on post Moon Lord Boss Rush content

    was never a mod till right about now in the mod Beyond the Stars
  16. Renk

    tModLoader The Stukeadaet Mod

    So essentially summoner but with a balancing feature other than minion count..
  17. Renk

    tModLoader Skybound - The Exploration Story

    That would be great, ideas of quality will be amazing. The quest that leads you to exploration is a requirement TO explore other planets, all thanks to the martians that decided to visit
  18. Renk

    tModLoader Coins are Health

    i like the idea you can die because you spent too much money. Good job.
  19. Renk

    tModLoader Coins are Health

    so, essemtially, practically speaking, and figuratively, you buy things with your life...
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