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  1. LilyForHire

    Texture Pack Banana Weapon Pack

    The spritework is actually very impressive, good work!
  2. LilyForHire

    Texture Pack Fumo Empress of Light

    This is the best texture pack ever, literally nothing can top this
  3. LilyForHire

    PC Johnny Test Whip-Crack

    This is now my favourite texture pack
  4. LilyForHire

    PC Pylons Texture Pack

    What a beautiful and creative pack! Kudos to you! It fits the world of Terraria both design-wise and style-wise!
  5. LilyForHire

    PC Tux's Tuxtures (Brighter Skies, Empress face fix, Man Eaters & more)

    Simply wonderful! The Autumn Trees stole my heart! :pinky:
  6. LilyForHire

    Texture Pack Terrarmy

    What a nice idea! Is there more to come similar to this? :o
  7. LilyForHire

    PC Evil HUD

    Well made pack, i will definitely use it in some of my playthroughs! :dryadpassionate:
  8. LilyForHire

    PC Fisharia

  9. LilyForHire

    Texture Pack Melstar's Minecraft Texturepack (Blocky Update!)

    This is really good! I hope that you keep updating this at your own pace! I love the heart and soul put into it, it all feels so natural and dynamic!:dryadpassionate:
  10. LilyForHire

    Naked guardian (Texture pack)

    Why would you make something so controversial yet so brave? In all honesty though it's a really funny edit and i love it, keep it up!^^
  11. LilyForHire

    I'm hungry.

    I'm hungry.
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