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  1. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Lostglaceon's Texture Tavern

    Not the most active on here anymore (as evident by it being, uh... more than another half a year since I've updated anything here, whoops), but I've added another pack, and greatly updated my Low-Profile ones. Take a look if you're interested, as always! :dryadhappy:
  2. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Lostglaceon's Texture Tavern

    Well, guess who's finally logged back in after half a year (OH DEAR GOD IT'S BEEN THAT LONG) to post new packs? :dryadcool: Finished up an older one and made a brand new one! If you're wondering where I've been? Well, all over the place, really! If you want specifics, one major place was on...
  3. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Lostglaceon's Texture Tavern

    Aww, thanks! I have some ideas for more, just haven't finished any of 'em yet. :dryadhappy:
  4. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Lostglaceon's Texture Tavern

    Another one's on the thread! Another pretty basic one, but this one did take a bit more effort, for sure. Hopefully I'll come up with a more unique idea, soon. Maybe involving the ability to change localization files? :dryadsmile:
  5. Lostglaceon

    PC Furry NPCs Pack

    Well, it's either that or whatever sprite you replaced it with might be incompatible in a way that makes the game not load it. Sadly v1.4 introduced some issues like that (not supporting sprites larger than the originals, for example), and they don't all seem to be going away with v1.4.2...
  6. Lostglaceon

    PC Furry NPCs Pack

    The guide does use a bow that needs to be able to be aimed in all directions, wouldn't be surprised if they use the default player hand texture. Maybe you could test that by using any pack that changes the player hand sprite?
  7. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Rod of Actual Discord

    If you can, you should definitely upload them as .zip files here on the forums as well! Some people use the GOG version, for example, that doesn't have access to the Steam workshop. So putting the packs here makes it so everyone else can use them, too! :dryadhappy:
  8. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Better Ambiance Texture Pack (now for 1.4, but NOT on the workshop... yet)

    I'm sure this is going to be happening for at least the first few weeks of v1.4.2, since I had it happen for a few of my texture packs, too. At least it was someone I actually knew from the forums though, and they took the packs down once I had 'em up (I didn't even say anything, so I'm glad...
  9. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Lostglaceon's Texture Tavern

    Just finished another pack! This ones a much simpler one, but I mainly made it because I thought it would look neat! :dryadgrin: I also added a section right under it where I can recommend my personal favorite packs people have made, which I hope will let people see some cool ones that they...
  10. Lostglaceon

    PC Realistic Weapons and Tools

    Don't forget that the Zenith is one of those projectiles being swung around! :dryadhappy:
  11. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Lostglaceon's Texture Tavern

    Well, now that v1.4.2 is out, I made sure to add all these texture packs to the Steam workshop! :dryadhappy: (Link is at the top of my first post in the thread, of course.) Maybe I'll start making more packs soon since they'll be noticed easier with the new update? Who knows!
  12. Lostglaceon

    Terraria State of the Game - January 2021

    Excited for crossplay having a chance! Lots of family members that play Terraria don't have a PC, so crossplay would be an awesome addition to help in cases like that! :dryadhappy: The idea of having the entire soundtrack on vinyl sounds amazing to me, but I'm still curious about whether we'll...
  13. Lostglaceon

    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    You know that your mod has had a ton of hype behind it when there's 8 pages of replies to the thread within roughly two weeks of release. Congrats on releasing the tMod open beta! :dryadgrin:
  14. Lostglaceon

    Sucks that I didn't get the notification for this on time, but I'm glad to see a beta finally...

    Sucks that I didn't get the notification for this on time, but I'm glad to see a beta finally finished for tMod! Here's to 2021, a (hopefully) much better year than 2020 was! :dryadtongue:
  15. Lostglaceon

    Toxijuice's Dark Inventory Slots (UI)

    Oooo, I wish you luck! ...and of course, thanks! <3
  16. Lostglaceon

    Texture Pack Boss Colored Relics (Now with Deerclops!)

    I still think I prefer this pack since it makes it feel like actual trophies, but I love how accurate you made these despite the smaller size! :dryadhappy:
  17. Lostglaceon

    PC I need help for my new texture pack

    An alternative I always recommend is xnbcli, it's a multiplatform tool focused purely on .xnb files, and it does its job well! I personally like the simple input-output folder format, and if you do as well then I'd wholly recommend xnbcli to you.
  18. Lostglaceon

    PC Muertos Pack - Bosses and some more

    I should just tell ya this now, but you shouldn't use Dropbox, and the Main reason I say that is for preservation in the future. Going back to the remnants of Terraria Online can lead to most files being unavailable because Dropbox removed them automatically. Whenever you link the files on the...
  19. Lostglaceon

    Toxijuice's Dark Inventory Slots (UI)

    Same here! I liked it so much that I tried to make my own minimap based off this style. I was close, but failed. %:sigh: I'll put the compiled map and the pieces of it here as attatchments if you wanna see how I did the sprites, maybe it'll give you some ideas for an "official" one? If I could...
  20. Lostglaceon

    PC Nyanmere Minecart

    Is that Excalibur Prime I see? :dryadhappy:
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