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  1. Betailas

    PC Master world has gone at all!

    Thank you very mush for such an update! My world where me and my friend spent almost 50 hours, has disappeared after we played yesterday and today for about 8 or 9 hours! When I finished playing, I decided to check some things and what did I see - my world could not be loaded and the same thing...
  2. Betailas

    tModLoader Basic Elemental Additions

    How to get that Chronic Shifter?
  3. Betailas

    tModLoader Sin Costan's Collection of Fun Projectiles: Once Again

    Dude, could you update your cool mod for the latest TML The mod is really great and it's a pity that a lot of terrarians cannot play with it/
  4. Betailas

    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    When can we wait for the Terraria update?
  5. Betailas

    tModLoader Class Based RPG Mod

    What about Conjuror? What is his active ability?
  6. Betailas

    tModLoader Pokemod

    Are you going to update your cool mod? ;(
  7. Betailas

    tModLoader Pokemod

    We want update! :p
  8. Betailas

    tModLoader [Released] Jenosis' Furniture, Food, and Fun

    "Orion's Hunter Armor = Late game Throwing set, 20 defense total, thrown weapons that damage enemies have a chance to heal." why so weak defense?
  9. Betailas

    PC Any info about 1.3.1 rewlease date?

    Can you share a link?
  10. Betailas

    PC Any info about 1.3.1 rewlease date?

    Is there any info or spoilers according the date of Terraria 1.3.1 release? Tired of waiting :confused:
  11. Betailas

    tModLoader Cheat Sheet

    Dude, you are the best!
  12. Betailas

    tModLoader Faster Potions [Without CoolDown]

    almost all images are empty, could you add a manual again?
  13. Betailas

    tModLoader Pokemod

  14. Betailas

    tModLoader Pokemod

    I've made a logo for the mod Thanx for the reply
  15. Betailas

    tModLoader Pokemod

    is there any description of the mod possibilities? and please, return pokemon special attacks ;( btw, how to evolve the pokemon? what level is required?
  16. Betailas

    tModLoader Rockos ARPG

    I found where to reassign the mod key just right after my post, sorry. Are you going to add a summoner as a separate class?
  17. Betailas

    tModLoader Cheat Sheet

    Holy mother of god! Awesome mod! And here comes a question - is it possible to make a mod like Neo's Recipe book? Cheat menu is good but it would be nice to have a mod recipe book so it could be possible to see all the items from mods and their recipes in-game.
  18. Betailas

    tModLoader Cave Story

    Are you going to update it? Cool mod and it would be nice to see it fot the tModLoader
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