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    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    Am I the only one feeling the Phantoon fight is a bit too spicy for that point in the game ? its not Impossible but if it could be nudged a little lower on the damage output it'd be nice
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    Musician NPC/pet/item

    The idea to end all ideas and hear me out on this Some peoples may or may not know but there is a whole mess of MIDI files out there to change the music of the game to something of one's choosing (if it was made) my suggestion is as follows, make this an actual feature of the game wherein one...
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    Bridge builder

    So I've had this idea that terraria has a LOT of "bridge building" when you want to streamline some things Making Hell-bridges to fight the WoF + travel hell Making Sky-bridges to travel faster once hardmode hits the fan + finding wyverns/UFOs Though you can argue thats "few" uses, they are...
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    PC [Mod Concept] Harpy quest

    So I've posted earlier that I had this idea for a mod I really wanted to happen and I figured I might as well post it here...never know right ? So I've posted in the Terraria otherworld suggestion thread that I felt mounts of all kinds were too short-lived when it came to their usefulness in...
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    PC Yet another "ideas guy"...

    Yes I know what you're thinking "yet another guy throwing random bull in the wind hoping someone makes the mod he wants to make but doesn't have any of the knowledge required..." but CAN'T A GUY DREAM ?! the thing is: its just that as a concept it looks so damn good... And I REALLY wanna...
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    The ultimate defense ?

    Simple idea: Obsidian Skull + Cobalt shield = meh Obsidian Shield + Ankh Charm = Standard Ankh Shield + Bloody knuckles = ? Ankh Shield + Bloody Knuckles + Star Veil = ?? Ankh Shield + Bloody knuckles + Star Veil + Charm of Myths = ??? I'm just thinking that some stuff late game just...
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    Possible Love Potion use ?

    I was thinking love potions could maybe be used for good stuff my ideas would be either 1 -Lovestruck ennemies HEAL for half their damage value on hit 2 -Allows to turn Mobs into a Summons weapon/item 3 -Allows to turn lovestruck mobs into town NPCs that sell their own drops for quadruple...
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    Official Looking for Testers!

    What are we talking about when you mention "Extensive knowledge of the game mechanics" ? Like coding-wise or just being able to see if "this ain't supposed to happen" ?
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    Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.

    Please add a HUD scaling option IMO the U.I. gets too freaking big when trying to play on lower resollutions (Wich I use when I play with when I make it go windowed and play a youtube vid on the side)
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