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  1. Athrisir

    tModLoader Project Nine - Expanding Vanilla

    Current Version: v0.9.0.2 Welcome to Project Nine! This is a mostly solo mod I've been making in my slim amounts of free time the last month and a half. You've probably seen a few sprites posted here and there, and I'm pleased to announce that the mod is finally completed! So what does the mod...
  2. Athrisir

    [Bug] Unable to reply to some threads

    Sorry if there's a specific way I submit these or if this is the wrong section! Anyways, I have an issue where I cannot reply to some threads on a mobile device. There is no text box, and quoting a message or clicking "More Option" gives me an "unspecified error". Is there a fix for this? I...
  3. Athrisir

    Drawings & Paintings Gigavoir's Wall of Doodles

    Yo what's up, I'm doing art now I guess. So, welcome to my art thread! I'll be posting all my drawings and stuff here, so if that's your thing I guess you'll like this thread. Anyways, my stuff is going to be 99% pencil and paper. Can't do digital, never can and probably won't ever be good...
  4. Athrisir

    tModLoader Code causing world saves to break

    Hi! I'm pretty new to this, so if there's an easy fix let me know. Simply put, the code I have for a worm NPC prevents me from opening a world until the mod is disabled. I get an error that says "Load failed, no backup found" which only occurs with my mod and when this code is in it. Here's the...
  5. Athrisir

    Mobile Fix the zoom!

    Okay, I'm not sure if there's a way to actually fix this since it seems to be based on the size of the device's screen, but on mobile devices (especially phones) the game is zoomed in waaaay too close. On my device the zoom is so close I can't even see a boss unless it's already on top of me. It...
  6. Athrisir

    tModLoader Cannot use 1.3 items in recipes or buffs, or really anything.

    I'm trying to make a recipe using Luminite Bars and fragments, but when building the mod I get an error saying 'Terraria.ID.ItemID' does not contain a definition for 'SolarFragment' This happens with every 1.3 item, buffs included. The same error each time. Do I need to update tmodloader or...
  7. Athrisir

    How would I make a sword swing twice off of one click?

    Title. I'm trying to create a weapon that will attack twice from one click, but with no autoswing. Is this possible?
  8. Athrisir

    3DS Underground Crimson music playing in Underground Corruption

    Hi, I encountered a bug on the 3DS version of Terraria. I'm not sure if it works the other way around (i.e. Underground Corruption music in Crimson) but the Underground Corruption music does not play, with the Underground Crimson music replacing it. I'm using a New 3DS XL with the latest...
  9. Athrisir

    Sprites Goal Posts and Turf - Make your own sports!

    Beach balls. They're fun, they're bouncy, but also kind of pointless. That's where the Goal Post comes in! (Also I know Teal Pressure Pads exist, but this seems more fitting!) Goal Post Can be placed Activates when touched by a Beach Ball The Goal Post is a non-solid block that emits a wire...
  10. Athrisir

    Depressed Weeb AMA

    hi I'm Giga go ahead and ask me about anything Except my personal information. That's off limits Without further ado please give me questions I'm bored
  11. Athrisir

    PC Atlantica - Super compact ocean town!

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the builds section so if this thread isn't too good, keep that in mind. I recently decided to start a new expert playthrough with the goal of "Builds Before Progression". This means that the first couple hours, I'm doing nothing but building. Everything you see in this...
  12. Athrisir

    [Sprites!] Black Mirror - Taking the pain out of those post-death hikes!

    I know I've made another suggestion about post-death items, but this one doesn't really fit with the rest. It's less of a weapon, and more of a tool. So without further ado... Black Mirror Teleports you to your most recent death point. Crafting: 1 Magic Mirror 1 Black Lens Crafted at a...
  13. Athrisir

    Revival Potion and Death Emblems - Make dying more fun!

    How many times have you died while fighting a boss that had almost no health left? Probably at least once. Well, these items can put a stop to that pain! Introducing the Revival Potion! Revival Potion Grants Revival 15 second duration "Heroes never die!" Crafting: 1 Bottled Water 1 Life...
  14. Athrisir

    The Lunar Edge - A Barrier-Creating Knife

    *Witty introduction* Hello TCF, Giga here! I'm back with a new sword for you guys. I never know how to start these things so let's jump right into it! Lunar Edge 100 Melee damage 35% crit chance Insane knockback Normal speed No autoswing When you press right click, a ghostly blue barrier...
  15. Athrisir

    tModLoader Debugging Help

    Hi, not sure if this is where it should go but I thought this was a good spot for this thread. So, I've been working on coding a weapon, but no matter what I do, nothing works. I've tried video tutorials and copied the code from those and edited it for my mod and it still did nothing. Any help...
  16. Athrisir

    Purity Biome Chest

    Hi everyone! After my last suggestion gained so much popularity, I thought it was time to make another one. I'd appreciate any feedback you guys may have, please don't post just a word or to. EXPLAIN why you do or do not support this idea. Thank you! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- So, it...
  17. Athrisir

    TCF Suggestion Making forum navigation a bit easier

    A few small suggestions that could make the forums a bit easier to navigate, anyone? Here we go: A "Save Post" Button Have you ever seen a post you want to see over and over again, whether it be useful info, or a funny joke, or anything you want saved? Despair no longer, TCF! Now, with a...
  18. Athrisir

    Mangle's Paint Doodles

    These are fun to make XD idk why Usually an MS Paint doodle (or doodle comic) is just some simple characters with a simple background. Nothing much to it, but I like to do these anyway. Anyways, I just decided to open an art thread for these guys. Requests are allowed, but don't expect anything...
  19. Athrisir

    Glass Armor - A Pre-Hardmode Turtle-ish Armor

    PLZ DON'T HATE ME FOR THIS, READ IT ALL BEFORE GOING "OMG SO OP NO WAY" I had an idea for an armor earlier today that when hit, you would shoot out something, like a close range star cloak. So why not armor made of glass? Glass Helmet 3 defense Crafted With: 40 Glass Blocks Glass Breastplate...
  20. Athrisir

    Coming Soon: Wave Wave

    I decided I should try to make the mobile game Wave Wave as a map. It will have 5 levels of difficulty for you to play: Wave, Wavier, Waviest, Wave Wave, and Wavex. You use a magic missile to weave your way through the courses, while riding in a minecart below. If you crash, you must restart...
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