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  1. Gueta189

    tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'

    I'm liking this mod a lot, but I'm having a big problem with the bosses, and its mainly that they slow the game a lot, mainly when they charge their attacks Im playing with other mods but it's only happening with this one, and I think its because they spawn a lot of particles or something? But...
  2. Gueta189

    PC Terraria 1.4.1 doesn't launch

    Even re-installing the game multiple times, delete the archives, uninstalling TModLoader, but even with all of that when I try to launch the game it just stays a couple minutes trying to and then just stops, without even opening the game, it doesnt even appear in the task manager. This is just...
  3. Gueta189

    Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

    I did the pixeled version and the drawn version. I hope you like it! The Great Sailor Set Hat: The Great Explorer Suit: The 189 Medals Suit Pants: The Conqueror's Trousers It could be dropped by, maybe, a special enemy only found in the sea, like a zombie Salior or maybe even an entire ship...
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