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  1. Ambaire

    Terraria Graphic Novel - Book One, Issue One Orders Now Open!

    How do I get an ebook version?
  2. Ambaire

    Working as Designed Is there a bug with teleporters?

    .. and the bugs weren't fixable?
  3. Ambaire

    Working as Designed NPCs talk to you when sleeping

    WHILE (player = notSleeping) { do npcConversations(); } Or what am I missing here?
  4. Ambaire

    Working as Designed Is there a bug with teleporters?

    Why is that intended? They say this is a sandbox game to have fun in, but stupid restrictions like that do not make sense.
  5. Ambaire

    Working as Designed Invisibility potion not working properly.

    It's too bad it was never something that could maybe make mobs completely ignore you if you had no armor on and nothing in your hand. Could've been a way to explore in hostile areas...
  6. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Slimes clipping through solid ground?

    Unintentional mob hoiking (mostly slimes / mother slimes) is the biggest cause of deaths or near deaths early game when I'm doing my first 'safe' tunnels across the map. Head down a 'safe' backwalled subway, run into a nasty mob in the middle that couldn't have gotten in legitimately...
  7. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Slimes clipping through solid ground?

    I think this is an excellent solution.
  8. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Slimes clipping through solid ground?

    Leinfors used 'we', not 'I'. I, in turn, used a general 'you', although I suppose it might not have been blatantly obvious.
  9. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Slimes clipping through solid ground?

    Well, why don't you fix hoiking? It's unintuitive, many people report it as bugs already, and the game would be better off with it removed. I say this as someone with about 1300 hours in the game on Steam.
  10. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Demon altars aren't supposed to do this? I think?

    I had to zoom in to those images to snip the relevant parts... you're gonna tell me you can see something in this? By the way, personal attacks are not cool.
  11. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Demon altars aren't supposed to do this? I think?

    A demon altar is clipping into the base tiles of another demon altar in the first, and entirely replacing in another. First: Second: @Dodo9 maybe next time use the windows snipping tool or an equivalent to show this in the first place. ;)
  12. Ambaire

    Working as Designed Torch God's Favor torch swap doesn't work in Ocean (Doesn't convert to Coral torches)

    How would it be 'too convenient'? Coral can be farmed infinitely, so it would only save time farming.
  13. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Living Mahogany Trees and Underground Cabins don't seem to generate properly across the world

    Wow, that does seem like a pretty big bug. So, basically, if I want a better cavern exploration experience, I should only keep worlds with jungles on the east / far east side.
  14. Ambaire

    Was the zoologist design a bad idea?

    Hm? It is.
  15. Ambaire

    Resolved Brick Crafting Bug - I can't craft from the stone blocks variants, only from the walls that I already made

    Or just ask the guide what can be made from that material. he'll tell you what's required in addition
  16. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Pumps destroying Lava over time

    The wiki does say but that's only for spreading out over a sufficiently wide surface, and all fluids suffer from this; it will absolutely not evaporate if it drops down. I'm not seeing the 10 block thing you're talking about. Could you link some screenshots please?
  17. Ambaire

    Tax collector not storing enough money

    He's storing 11g 11s 11c in this screenshot... what an odd number series. not sure if coincidence or bug
  18. Ambaire

    Working as Designed Lihzahrd Work Bench not craftable

    Can we ask why that's intentional? Seems weird, in a sandbox game, that certain furniture items be uncraftable...
  19. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Bamboo fences blocking tree growth

    My gem tree farm uses wood fences to allow tree growth but prevent monster spawns. Per the wiki on trees, specifically growing conditions: Also, the wiki on fences says:
  20. Ambaire

    **REPORTED** Disfunctional Controls?

    Good idea. I did some googling just now and it seems someone had this problem with Space Engineers as well! lol They 'fixed' it by
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