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  1. DrTrap

    PC Terraria Performance Issue on new Device

    Hello Terrarians, I come with an issue, but before let me preface some things: I have Several hundreds of hours on terraria on another steam account. All being played on an old laptop. The specs of that laptop are: Intel Celeron 1000M CPU, 4GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics(integrated). My...
  2. DrTrap

    Journey Mode Quality of Life

    Its charachter dependent,meaning that you can't really do that without a huge hassle,and having to check if the map is corrupt or crimson. Also,wanting to create a Crimson themed house in a corrupt map may be impossible with your initial suggestion.
  3. DrTrap

    Journey mode is incompatible with medium- and hard-core

    About that first option you suggested:do that,but for hardcore characters,reset them.similar punishment.
  4. DrTrap

    Boomstick knockback

    You want Recoil,not knockback. Check the Overhaul mod,you might have a surprise.
  5. DrTrap

    The Lord's Sword-Endgame Sword (SMALL SPRITES)

    This post didn't aged well....
  6. DrTrap

    About Npc happyness for some special npc...

    At the moment there is not enough data about how every npc is affected. Probably the Goblin thinkerer has cheaper reforges.(needs verification) Angler may give more money as quest rewards. Dye trader has cheaper prices. Stylist may have cheaper dyes. And the guide deserves it,killed over and...
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