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  1. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    Update available on preview branch, tommorow will be on stable Version v0.4 Additions: -Ice Wraith, Treant, Bone Golem, Byakhee, Skeleton Slinger, Lithobolia, Une, Buer -Leather Shield, Knight Shield, Mammoth Tusk, Mammoth Shield, Toast with Egg, Beer, Poison Vein Potion, Fire Vein Potion...
  2. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    v0.3.3 Additions: - New Enemies: Giant Skeleton, Ancient Skeleton - New Items: Skull Ring, Gauntlet, Healing Elixirs Minor Additions: - Gem Bags can now be found inside Iron/Mythril Crates - Herb Bags can now be found inside Wooden/Pearlwood Crates Changes: - Seer Stone is no longer an...
  3. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    new discord link - (old one expired, this one should not)
  4. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    Update 0.3.2 Additons -Brown Wolf, Gray Wolf, Red Wolf, Black Wolf, Ice Wolf, Stone Golem, Axe Knight -Wolf Fang, Hunters Armor, Throwing Axe, Wine, Transendence Fixes: -Ice worm should now spawn in Undeground ice biome instead of underground jungle -fixed the display name of worms
  5. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    Update 0.3.1 Additions: -Added new items: Rapier, Baselard, Combat Knife, Scouter, Seer Stone, Eye of Confusion, Cloth Tunic, Frankfurter, Shadow Phosphorus, Flask of Shadowflame, Crude Flask of Gold, Sharp Mind Potion Changes: -Reduced drop rate of Skræp and Viking Shield to 2,5% -Golems are...
  6. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    Update - 0.3 Additions: -Added Sand Golem, Fire Golem, Skeleton Soldier, Bicorn, Chichevache, Shadhavar, Flying Zombie, Brownie, Peeping Eye -Added Transmutation Table, Bag of Gems -Added several new gems -Added 21 decorative Gem Relics -Golden Chests found underground may contain Bag of Gems...
  7. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    Update - 0.2 Additions: -Added new Enemies: Nitrogen Sludge, Centipede, Merman, Mammoth, Barghest, Hive Zombie, Ice Worm, Marble Golem -Added new Items: Flask of Frostburn, Crude Flask of Frostburn, Crude Flask of Poison, Frost Salts, Frost Golem Core, Centipede Mandible, Icicle, Bamboo Sword...
  8. Sapharan

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    It doesn't matter what he said. He can say that about his own mods. Any modder can make whatever decisions about their own mods, but not others. It doesn't matter if it was abandoned, if it was free etc. It's still intelectual property. Intelectual property without owners consent should not be...
  9. Sapharan

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    It doesn't matter that someone tells that it's here to be taken. It's the creators intelectual property, no one has right to just take it. It doesn't matter if he is inactive for a long time. Only he can decide that.
  10. Sapharan

    tModLoader [1.4-stable] Liber Creaturarum

    Built for 1.4 Alpha version of tModLoader Liber Creaturarum Residents of Terraria always tried to explain many things that they did not understand with tales about mysterious or mischevious forces. Many of those tales come in form of certain ghosts, spirits, monsters, demons and cryptids. But...
  11. Sapharan

    **REPORTED** Music slider shoves itself back to 0%?

    For me music stopped working at and still doesn't in All else works fine. I have no texturepacks, no wavebanks. I even reinstalled the game etc. nothing... Also, game does not start with 0% music, nor does it reset to 0%. It just doesnt work, no matter how loud music is set.
  12. Sapharan

    **REPORTED** Music slider shoves itself back to 0%?

    Well, sad news is, does not fix the bug. No music at all, no matter the music level slider... Gonna wait more for the fix i guess.
  13. Sapharan

    tModLoader Rare Item Swap

    I love the idea but there is definitely one thing missing... "Available" section.
  14. Sapharan

    tModLoader VeinMiner Mod - Mine ores faster!

    VeinMiner is not compatible with newest tModLoader, that's why it doesn't work for you
  15. Sapharan

    tModLoader [0.1] Mystic Hunter

    I'm a huge fan of castlevania, and this system from Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow (Also present in Blodstained: Ritual of the Night). I'm looking forward to this mod.
  16. Sapharan

    tModLoader Dictionary of Prefixes - Reforging Expansion Mod

    Awesome mod, really. With more prefixes it's much more interesting, and also bad prefixes for accesories is nice addition. Btw, i took my time and provided Polish names for every prefix you have:
  17. Sapharan

    tModLoader Intrinsics - Bind equipment and buffs to players permanently

    If i bind bind an and accesory that has an effect (for example +4% damage) and then bind an accesorry that was made from it and inherits the same effect, do they stack?
  18. Sapharan

    tModLoader Extensible Inventory - Limitless, paginated inventory

    Is it possible for modders using API to add individual slots instead of whole pages?
  19. Sapharan
  20. Sapharan

    tModLoader Assorted Crazy Things; A Mod Full of Crazy Things

    This is one of my favourite mods. Adds so much variety to the game. I hope to see even more.
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