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  1. Foostinator

    add icon to mod?

    so, i want to add an icon to my mod, but blushie's tutorial doesnt help.
  2. Foostinator

    tModLoader Cataclysm Mod

    too big? The Cataclysm Mod Join The Cataclysm Mod Discord Server! Download ^^^^^^^^ (Foosterium was the old name) Team: Me - Coder, Spriter, Developer. Download Milestones: 100✔ 250✔ 500✔ 750✔ 1,000✔ 2,500✔ 5,000 7,500❌ 10,000❌ 25,000❌ 50,000❌ 75,000❌ 100,000❌ 5,000 Downloads!!! It's only...
  3. Foostinator

    tModLoader influx waver ai thing?

    so, im trying to make an ammo called "Influx Bullets" which use the Influx Waver AI. but, when i use it's AIstyle (81), the bullet is diagonal and doesnt do the thing that the influx waver does. help?
  4. Foostinator

    Magic Missile Type Weapon?

    so, i want to make a magic missile weapon, but whenever i use aiStyle 9 it just shoots the magic missile projectile, help?
  5. Foostinator

    tModLoader Help with slime boss?

    Hi! So... im making a slime boss kinda like the king slime but i dont want him to drop blue slimes when he gets hurt, i want him to teleport like the king slime, but when i use the king slime AI, the dust when he teleports is BLUE. also, i want him to be animated when he jumps too. im...
  6. Foostinator

    make yoyos shoot projectiles?

    So, i have been wondering, how do i make my yoyo projectile shoot OTHER projectiles. Just wondering.
  7. Foostinator

    help with armor set

    so, i got this error c:\Users\Fooster\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources\Foosterium\Items\Armor\GraniteMask.cs(26,24) : error CS0115: 'Foosterium.Items.Armor.GraniteMask.IsArmorSet(Foosterium.Items.Item, Foosterium.Items.Item, Foosterium.Items.Item)': no suitable method found to...
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