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  1. I enjoy terraria

    Terraria Graphic Novel - Book One, Issue One Orders Now Open!

    I told one of my friends about this book and all they said was “is zoologist in this book?” im concerned
  2. I enjoy terraria

    What are some bad weapons you like?

    wand of sparking. Although it’s decent when you first get it (unless you already got really far In the game) you only use it for about 5 minutes until finding better items
  3. I enjoy terraria

    Crimson pylon building

    I know there is no Crimson pylon and I found this out when I was making this. So I used a void vault for a decent
  4. I enjoy terraria

    My snow pylon

    I made a place for my snow pylon. I tried to make a sort of ruined building. what do you all think?
  5. I enjoy terraria


    [insert name here] actually knows what they’re doing. Unlike some OTHER people. I like that. such variety of words angle. (incase you don’t get the joke, I’m saying I find it funny how the angler says the same thing over and over again. Just with different names.)
  6. I enjoy terraria

    For once I’ve built something good looking

    I tried to go for a cross of a Chinese themed house. What do you guys think?
  7. I enjoy terraria

    Does anybody know the release date for 1.4.1 on mobile?

    Does anybody know the release date for 1.4.1 on mobile?
  8. I enjoy terraria

    Underrated Weapons

    The combat wrench is nearly forggoton. so is the red Ryder and all of the candy cane equipment. I should also mention the falcon blade and the aerial bane
  9. I enjoy terraria

    Strange world gen

    Who would win? The walls of a near indestructible cursed dungeon or a giant tree full of gnomes? (seriously what is this world gen?! Look at the giant tree roots)
  10. I enjoy terraria


    That other guy was me I think
  11. I enjoy terraria


    I’ve created something
  12. I enjoy terraria

    What have I created?

    Oh heck yes. A cursed mod! I can make more cursed builds. I’ll be sure to post them :)
  13. I enjoy terraria

    Volcano concept

    I just finished making the volcano that I spoke about
  14. I enjoy terraria

    First Fractal and Phasic Warp Ejector

    1 terra blade 1 Terra grim 1 influx waver (because the first fractal acts like one) 20 solar fragments 20 lunar fragments 20 vortex fragments 20 stardust fragments 35 hallowed bars 3 broken hero swords and 40 Luminite bars.
  15. I enjoy terraria


    Abyss evil biome concept. What do you guys think?
  16. I enjoy terraria

    Journeys beggining.

    ohhhhh I see
  17. I enjoy terraria

    Journeys beggining.

    But does it sell power cells and solar tablet fragments?
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