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  1. SanspapyrusBOI

    Official Labor of Hallow's Eve Winner Announcement

    Congrats to everyone who won and also got featured in the community showcase! Drawing for this contest was the most fun i've had drawing things yet and i would absolutely do it again!
  2. SanspapyrusBOI

    2022 Terraria Holiday Shopping Guide

    Yes. They're planned to come out somewhere before november. It could be longer because like they stated in the replies to the LOHE thread they're taking the judging in phases that take a while. You just need to wait a little longer. EDIT: i just realised i said before november. I meant before...
  3. SanspapyrusBOI

    My Hogwarts Wizarding World Builds

    My jaw is on the floor. Like holy :red: you did outstanding at this!
  4. SanspapyrusBOI

    What is one game you would love to see collaborate with terraria

    There's so many games that it's near impossible for me to decide lol. Though i'd probably pop off if they somehow did a cuphead crossover.
  5. SanspapyrusBOI

    PC Forest base in a hardcore world i died on.

    So i'm trying to play hardcore terraria but each time i die i draw how i died. Plus make custom characters with their own lore over why their trying to beat the game or smth. So anyway i died so expect a drawing post later but for now here's a little forest base i was proud of creating. Sorry...
  6. SanspapyrusBOI

    Drawings & Paintings Labour of hallows eve entry

    Hello! I was intending on saving this until the contest ended but then i realised how long it felt to wait for the 31st lol. So i'm uploading it like 10 days early! Feel free to criticise the drawing as much as you want as i'm not that good lmao.
  7. SanspapyrusBOI

    Hello! Allow me to introduce myself!

    Heya! My names sanspapyrusBOI! I've been playing terraria for god knows how long on 3ds and for 2 years on PC. I enjoy drawing and i'm also learning C# so i can make my own games in unity. I obviously enjoy playing terraria. But here's a list of other games i like! Brawlhalla Minecraft...
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