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  1. Baysha

    Mimic Reskin

    I don't think this is needed and may even detract from the game in a subtle way. Because the biome mimics are supposed to be a bigger threat than the standard mimics. So it makes sense that they'd look cooler.
  2. Baysha

    Souls of Night in Crimson worlds. (Tiny Suggestion)

    Don't we already have this? ... Wait, we don't? I support!
  3. Baysha

    Functional Team Blocks

    Everybody edits.
  4. Baysha

    The Last Post Wins!

    Why does this exist?
  5. Baysha


    I think for a game that has giant flying eyeballs, abominations of flesh in hell, cults, human sacrifices, and gore. A little innuendo is nothing.
  6. Baysha

    Sprites New Wyvern resprite?

  7. Baysha

    More enemies for Mushroom Biome

    What about an "unidentified flying mushroom"? It could look like a giant mushroom without a stem. and it would be a flying enemy and either shoot spores or try to ram you.
  8. Baysha

    Relationships with NPCs + extra

    Support. But you should probably move the PVP stuff into a different thread.
  9. Baysha

    NPCs with Genders!

    Their parents just need to tell them that some people like the same gender and that's okay.
  10. Baysha

    New kinds of vanity accessories

    The vanity items sold by the traveling merchant can only be equipped on accessory slots.
  11. Baysha

    Stuffed monsters

    I thought this would be about monster plushies in Terraria.
  12. Baysha

    Sprites Metal Slimes and the Issue of Renewability

    One of the best suggestions I've seen. Great work!
  13. Baysha

    Free the Stylist!!!

    So you mean that spider nests should have a small chance to randomly appear in already generated worlds?
  14. Baysha

    Sprites Awakening Pillars

    Well you'd have beaten the Moon Lord if you made one of these. So I don't think most bosses should be that much trouble.
  15. Baysha

    Perfect Boss Battles and Trophy Drops

    Why are you fighting EoC multiple times?
  16. Baysha

    PC Mike's suggestion #1: Balancing Mimic weapons.

    But I like the flying knife. :(
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