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  1. sad man dan

    Manual Vine Growth

    I didn't know how much I wanted this until now. The only thing that could make this better is being able to stop vine growth at any point (at least I'm pretty sure you can't right now without using blocks) or vote more than one option in the poll
  2. sad man dan

    WIP Terraria Suggestions Wiki! (A little something I made)

    I don't think a safe space where you're not allowed to criticize anyone is a good idea. How would this new site even make people care about suggestions people share especially when the only way they can find out about it (so far) is by going through the suggestion forum. (which already shows...
  3. sad man dan

    PC Terraria Adventure Map

    I don't see how knowing how to code would help in a Terraria adventure map and why you need people to donate materials when there are already mods, inventory editors and the builder's workshop map to get items from. And I'm not even going to go into the whole Patreon and Youtube bits
  4. sad man dan

    Sprites Another 1.3.6 Idea

    The Parka set is a reference to a South Park character
  5. sad man dan

    Relationships with NPCs + extra

    Being able to make the Mechanic my waifu? If this doesn't get implemented, I hope someone makes a mod for it :dryadpassionate:
  6. sad man dan


    Really like the sprite. Wouldn't mind seeing this ingame. Do the stats change in its "second phase"? (More damage/Moves faster)
  7. sad man dan

    PC Does anyone wanted the Sands of Time dagger?

    Sounds interesting. Would it be a shortsword type weapon? (Yes I know it's a dagger but the only knives and daggers in this game are ones that you throw and I doubt the dagger was a throwing weapon) I think the dagger should let you teleport (aka "reverse time") back to where you were a few...
  8. sad man dan

    im sad now

    im sad now
  9. sad man dan


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