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  1. amenyoussef

    New spelunker lighting

    I think you forgot the part where he said fanatic __________ support yes, I just hate it when I think I got my hands on gold but turns out to be bland iron
  2. amenyoussef

    The scotch tape

    Both ranged weapons are extremely inaccurate same 75% damage thing same knockback and defensive stuff things
  3. amenyoussef

    Expert Mode Dungeon Guardian

    Nope, i don't really see the big deal with dungeon guardians, they're just there to kill you if you enter the dungeon before skeletron's death
  4. amenyoussef

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

  5. amenyoussef

    The scotch tape

    idea for un-op hahayes No knockback immunity even with items that prevent knockback 15%- damage reduction and -15 defense one weapon deals half the damage of the original one, the second one deals quarter the damage, to have 75% damage from the single weapon rather than x2 the original damage
  6. amenyoussef

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    They don't swim, they fly don't cheese them abyssal fishes
  7. amenyoussef

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    during their teleportation time they are invincible
  8. amenyoussef

    Let Golem drop de Picksaw on first kill

    support i guess, one time doesn't really hurt the game's balance and for those who say that picksaw is rare
  9. amenyoussef

    The first thing that comes to your mind...

    kangaroo (now we're stuck in a loop)
  10. amenyoussef

    merry christmas 2018!

    merry christmas 2018!
  11. amenyoussef

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    uh, i think you should get seraph tracers and heart of the elements, and replace force of spirit with ambrosial ampoule
  12. amenyoussef

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    no you didn't to update calamity, either go to the mod browser or download the zip file from mediafire
  13. amenyoussef

    The Last Post Wins!

    woof did i wins?
  14. amenyoussef

    How well-known is the person above you?

    1/10 met you right now
  15. amenyoussef

    Jumpscared in Terraria

    first jumpscare? yes, when i was a noob in terraria, i tried to explore the world until i reach its edge, i finally saw this strange dungeon, and there's an old man in the entrance, i talked to him, he told me something about his master, am i supposed to meet him? so, i took the stairs to the...
  16. amenyoussef

    (New ranged-weapon idea) Bullet Rain

    that doesn't mean the bullet rain should drop from mimics too, and the reason why jungle mimic wasn't added, is because the hardmode jungle is difficult
  17. amenyoussef

    (New ranged-weapon idea) Bullet Rain

    yes, why jungle mimics, perhaps make it craftable, otherwise, support
  18. amenyoussef

    Ideas for improving RNG aspects of boss drops

    enough of these rainbow crystal staves! support EDIT: did i just bump this!?
  19. amenyoussef

    Changing the Gravity Globe to act like a gravity potion

    Makes gravitation potions useless imo half-support
  20. amenyoussef

    I just cannot defeat Duke Fishron: He needs serious nerfing

    Fishron? finding truffle worms is harder than fishron: The best class to use against fishron is ranged, use a megashark or better (chlorophyte/ichor bullets are perfect choices, chlorophyte bullets home in on fishron & ichor bullets reduce his defense, you can switch between both for greater...
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