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  1. mutater

    The Odds And Ends Content Mod by Optical Starline

    This mod's pretty cool, 10/10 would recommend (completely unbiased opinion).
  2. mutater

    Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

    Some upgradeable sword stuff. EDIT: more. EDIT2: even more.
  3. mutater

    PC Terraria Play

    Hey Chris. I'm Vince. I'd love to play terraria with you. My discord is mutater#4078 if you wanna add me! Looking forward to some fun times.
  4. mutater

    PC Looking to make a squad?

    Hey Interittus. I'm down to play. I added you on discord.
  5. mutater

    looking for some funny people to smash out some hours with

    mutater#4078. add me if you wanna play
  6. mutater

    Looking for people to play terraria with

    I added you citron. If you want to play then just notify me. I'm from the US but I'm fine with a bit of a ping
  7. mutater

    PC Looking for a friend for playing Vanila terraria

    Hey y'all. I'd love to play with you guys if you would let me. I've got a decent bit of time (over 600 hours). I'm from the US and have a mic.
  8. mutater

    Pixel Art a normal guy's normal sprites

    Personally, I prefer the curved blade design. It's more unique and honestly looks to be a bit better shaded than the straight one.
  9. mutater

    Pixel Art a normal guy's normal sprites

    Yeah, it's okay if you use those in a mod. Also, yeah! That looks much better with the darker outlines and increased contrast. You might wanna go for more contrast in the sand parts of those weapons, though. Are those the vanilla palettes for copper and sand?
  10. mutater

    Pixel Art a normal guy's normal sprites

    I think @KittyKitCatCat means something like this. I tried to improve your stuff a bit, but as you can tell the axe and the hammer are a bit difficult for me xD If you notice, I increased the contrast between the colors, used colors that stand out more, and made the outlines much darker. EDIT: I...
  11. mutater

    Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

    I tried (click it to reveal full size)
  12. mutater

    Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

    My riptide and oathblade sets are not currently in use, no. You can use them, but you would have to credit me as the creator in the tooltip :P
  13. mutater

    tModLoader Mo'Guns Mod

    Hey, @where the cake at. Could I help with some of the sprites for the mod?
  14. mutater

    tModLoader Universe of Swords

    It was updated recently. Everybody has just kinda stopped working on the mod, though. It's in the process of dying.
  15. mutater

    Terraria Spriting Carnival 2

  16. mutater

    PC Perfect Momento of Reality (WIP)

    I like how you fixed the shading on the shoulder pads, but the helmet is still flat. Try to make clusters more towards the insides like you did on the shoulders.
  17. mutater

    tModLoader Universe of Swords

    This mod is terribly broken. It is most likely a glitch.
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