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  1. Rushington


    From what I remember, I have seen 4-5, maybe 3 beehives in a single small world. For larva, I have only seen one per hive so far.
  2. Rushington

    PC Terraria doesn't start

    I clicked play on my steam client, then it says "Terraria-running" for a long time, but it still doesnt start! Help please! RESOLVED
  3. Rushington

    PC What is your favorite item? (Expert Mode Only)

    Gotta be the mechanical minecart because it offers a cool new minecart rather than the default brown one.
  4. Rushington

    Favourite weapons in Terraria

    My favorite weapon must be the Terrarian, meowmere, or vampire knives.
  5. Rushington

    What does your character look like?

    I don't have a picture with me right now, but I have a full martian uniform, and I turn into a werewolf at night.
  6. Rushington

    Favourite Weapon

    PC: Meowmere, terrarian. They each have a high amount of base damage in the game. Mobile:Terra Blade.
  7. Rushington

    Mobile Best thing you have ever got from presents

    If you are talking about chests, then it is the Drax. But if you are talking about Holiday presents, then its the Red Ryder.
  8. Rushington

    Mobile What's your Favourite Boss?

    I would pick Plantera because it gives out cool weapons like the Seedler and the Nettle Burst. Additionally, if you defeat it, you can do stuff that you couldn't do before defeating it.
  9. Rushington

    PC What do you think was the hardest pillar of the 4 Celestial Pillars in the Lunar Event?

    Like almost everyone else here, I would say Solar for the same reason: The Crawltipedes. They are quite annoying and deal a big amount of damage.
  10. Rushington

    PC What is your favorite event, and why?

    I am stuck between the Celestial Pillars and the Solar Eclipse. They both give out or have a chance to give crafting materials that create really cool weapons.
  11. Rushington

    PC Best way you Defeated the Wall of Flesh

    To get ready to beat WoF, I built a bridge out of stone blocks to get over the lava. Second, when I fought WoF, I used the Bee Gun to remove all of the Hungry, then for the rest of the battle I used my Sharanga.
  12. Rushington

    How Long Have You Been Playing Terraria?

    I've been playing it since about like 2 years ago on both PC and consle.
  13. Rushington

    What was the highest damage you have ever done in Terraria?

    Hi! I would like to hear the highest damage you have done ever, as I am very curious and I want to see different user's high damage values. Ill start. I have done 4000 damage on a Crawltipede on the Lunar Events
  14. Rushington

    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    I killed about 1000 slimes and yet I STILL don't have that slime staff! :happy: Also, sometimes, I kill a Voodoo Demon when it was above the lava, instantly summoning WoF.
  15. Rushington

    What was your reaction for when you got the Drax on a shadow chest?

    I know. I am going to ask a moderator to move the thread.
  16. Rushington

    If you were a boss in Terraria..

    Hey there! My drops: Trophy: 0.1 percent Master Bait: 90 percent (3-10 each drop) Golden Fishing Rod: 1 percent Goldfish statue: 100 percent (1 each drop) Water Bolt: 50 percent (1 each drop) Heart: 100 percent (20 each drop) Random bait: 100 percent (25 each drop) Swordfish: 20 percent...
  17. Rushington

    What was your reaction for when you got the Drax on a shadow chest?

    My reaction: I first thought this was impossible to achieve. But other than that, I was soooo happy! I would love to hear all your reactions!
  18. Rushington

    How much time have you spent on Terraria?

    Hello! I played terraria for, somewhere between two or 3 years by myself. But before that, I played on a friend's device, which may be why I got so experienced quickly. :) Edit: I played the mobile 1st, then I got the computer version shortly after.
  19. Rushington

    If you could combine two weapons at once

    Hello! I would combine the Meowmere and the Star Wrath for 3 possible combinations: 1. Really high base damage. 2. Cat heads with star bodies falling out of the sky. 3. Cat heads going at your enemy while stars shoot out from the sky.
  20. Rushington

    Scariest enemy!?

    Nymphs! I really don't know why, its just me, and they look scary!
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