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  1. crumblingstatue

    Terraria: Labor of Love is Out Now!

    I've been asking really hard for the option to disable the quick trash! Thank you for implementing it in 1.4.4! And thank you for all the years of support for the game! Terraria is more fun than ever!
  2. crumblingstatue

    PC Disabling quick trash completely in 1.4

    Our prayers have been answered. Now you can disable quick trash in 1.4.4!
  3. crumblingstatue

    Make trashing items more noticeable

    Quick trashing cannot be disabled anymore. (There is a thread about it, but I don't know if that feature will be readded or not) This can be a problem for a lot of players who don't always play paying full attention. It's quite possible to accidentally hold down ctrl instead of shift when...
  4. crumblingstatue

    PC Disabling quick trash completely in 1.4

    I just want to voice that I have a need for this feature too. In Terraria 1.3, I always disabled quick trash because I kept accidentally trashing my items. Now I can't disable it anymore. I accidentally deleted valuable items because I pressed ctrl instead of shift. The two keys are next to each...
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