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  1. Cyrman

    PC Cyrman's Shop and Trade Extravaganza

    Hi there, I'm Cyrman and this is my shop. I love to sweeten up deals and barter. Take advantage of this. Below are lists of stuff I want and such. I will sell stuff for coins, but I'd much rather trade items. I will update this list daily or as soon as possible. Key for the colors: There are...
  2. Cyrman

    PC My Base!

    This is my base so far before hardmode. I built it into the pyramid I found next to the ocean! (this thread was made to demonstrate a steam guide for camera mode, it is okay for a mod to remove/edit this thread)
  3. Cyrman

    Adventure Adventure! Cyrman Remix

    Adventure! Cyrman Remix is my version of the original Adventure! map by ahamling27. This version comes with a completely revamped map, story and progression. It's been in the works since 1.2.3, having gone through redesigns nearly 5 times, and receiving almost entirely new builds, this will be...
  4. Cyrman

    PC Trading for Steampunk Wings

    I'm trading for steampunk wings. I don't care if you hacked them in or get them from an all items world. I just want to trade something for them so I feel like I earned it rather than cheated for them.
  5. Cyrman

    PC Buying Vampire Knives

    Title and summary says it all. I can host a simple server for the transaction.
  6. Cyrman

    Terraria CTG tournaments?

    So recently I have been watching a lot of older capture the gem videos on youtube, which is always entertaining to me. I also found this on my journey, but it was never completed, so I'm wondering why doesn't the community set up a CTG tournament like this? http://challonge.com/RedditCTG
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