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  1. Depth

    boss log problems

    so im playing in my terraria world, got the stars above and calamity, couple others. i can access it fine but when i left click it closes boss log. its annoying and i checked all the keybinds and all the settings, and i dont see anything causing the problem. ive never encountered this before and...
  2. Depth

    tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'

    this may be seen as a silly question but how do i use the mystic monster ball? i know it says cant be equipped normally so what do i do to use? i have tried using from my hotbar, it gives me the buff but i see no pets. please help me, Depth [edit] on second thought this may be a bug as when i...
  3. Depth

    tModLoader Enemies disappearing upon death without any loot or gibs, and going into main menu freezes the game.

    to be totally honest, all i knew was that they were respriting and adding a new boss and i didnt hear about a reactive damage reduction. (what is that BTW?)
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