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  1. WavingCookie

    PC Latest Terraria version lags a lot on Windows 10.

    Before you say: "It's your specs" let me show you something: 16 Go RAM, i5 3,0GHz processor, GTX 970. here; So, what's happening ? That game justs lags, mostly when I alt tab. I use Windows 10 64 bits (which I regret) Any idea how I could fix this ? EDIT: Game gave out a Draw crash. Why ?
  2. WavingCookie

    Searching for a "partner in crime".

    Greetings, i'd like to indroduce myself. wavingStory... wait, it's WavingCookie ? Excuse me then. I want to make game developpement my job ! And I absolutely LOVE modding ! But you see, it isn't so much fun coding alone... I've tried learning C#. I got "bored" pretty quickly (actually, i've...
  3. WavingCookie

    tAPI Is there any mod that allows you to change the ennemies spawnrate ?

    Ok, so I remember seeing one on this website, but I can't recall which of them does that. Anyone knows ? I would greatly appreciate to know. ; )
  4. WavingCookie

    tAPI Wavong's Mod 'o' Random Stuffs (aka Wavong's Mod for short)

    Greetings Terrarians ! I'd like to introduce you to my mod, which I like to call Wavong's Mod for short (because it sounds kind of silly!), basically, it's a mod where I put lots of random ideas in it. Like for example, a Dirt Sword ! (because you really needed that didn't you ?...) So yeah...
  5. WavingCookie

    A ushanka in Terraria.

    I'm sorry, I know this suggestion is very small but I really want to see ushankas implemented in the game, it just looks really cool, it would be a vanity hat of course. I don't have a sprite for it, but I would surely love to see it, like I said, in Terraria. I don't have any sprite, but I...
  6. WavingCookie

    tAPI Megaman Mod

    So, yep, basically, because I really like Megaman and Terraria, i thought about making a Terraria mod with tApi i'm gonna update this thread most of time. Stuff that are going to be implemented: -Megaman Battle Network chips. well sort of. -Armors, need sprites. -Elements for the weps, already...
  7. WavingCookie

    PC I'm so lucky today.

    So, I was playing Terraria when suddenly, I saw this mimic I was so happy to see one, then I told someone that I wanted to get the Frostbrand and guess what ? Then I thought that I also wanted the Frost Staff, then I proceeded to kill the first Ice Mermaid I saw, and also guess what ? How do...
  8. WavingCookie

    Waving's back, sort of I guess.

    Sup, I'm WavingCookie, I've spent 989 hours on Terraria, I have no life, I like to code stuffs, I really like Megaman. And i'm 14 years old. Basically, i'm an idiot kid who likes to spend time on computer and waste his lifetime. I also waste my time on CS:GO, such no life, very doge meme that...
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