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  1. BlueBeoWulf

    Mobile Fishing glitch

    Playing Terraria, and I was fishing for a while, when I logged off of one world onto another, then back to the other world, many of my items, (Bass I had caught, my Tsunami bow, some gel, other items as well) had underneath the name "(#)% fishing power" and would be consumed when I would fish...
  2. BlueBeoWulf

    Mobile Glitched Wyvern

    I wasn't completely sure to rate this as "high" or "cosmetic" so to be on the safe side I put it on "high". I was playing Terraria mobile and running on a skybridge I had made. A wyvern attacked me, and I shot it with Tsunami using heart arrows. It acted normally at first, but when it became...
  3. BlueBeoWulf

    WIP The Red Sun: New Event Idea.

    I just threw this together pretty quick, so if you see any mistakes, just let me know. this is a WIP, I'll add hardmode enemies and possibly a boss later, It triggers with a 50% chance the day after you beat any boss. Example: Someone beats EOC, but it doesn't spawn. However, when they fight...
  4. BlueBeoWulf

    Bard Weapons (Better sprites appreciated)

    Credit to ToxicFox98 for the idea, but he didn't give too much detail. Here are a few of my ideas for Bard weapons, inspired by my epic dungeon master skills with my RPG. I will almost certainly edit this to add more info on a later date. I WILL add spoilers, but I am sort of running out of time...
  5. BlueBeoWulf

    Drawings & Paintings RPG character request thread

    So, lately, I've been designing my own RPG. I need more practice designing characters, so anyone can request anything for any generic RPG. A few rules: Please be specific when requesting, or if you want me to come up with a weapon, armor, etc., just tell me what you want me to design- for...
  6. BlueBeoWulf

    Mobile Easter/Thanksgiving event ideas (Sprites appreciated)

    Okay, so everyone has said this before, but seriously: Lepus and Turkor are just not needed. Lepus is overpowered for the time when he's supposed to be fought, Turkor is ridiculously easy to destroy. Turkor needs to be buffed, with more drops, and Lepus needs to have his health and damage...
  7. BlueBeoWulf

    Mobile Potion slots

    I was thinking earlier today, and something hit me: Potion slots. I was thinking this for mobile because we only have like 5 or 6 slots, and idk, that doesn't seem like enough for my horseman's blade, my death sickle, biome dungeon chest items, AND potions. So I thought like five or six...
  8. BlueBeoWulf

    Drawings & Paintings BlueBeoWulf's Terraria art

    Hi there! I've drawn some Terraria art. I draw in semi-realism(Mostly because I'm not good enough to say I draw in realism), mostly with colored pencils and/or ultra-fine-point artist's markers. I'm taking requests... Go ahead and request stuff, and I'll try to draw it. More art is on the way...
  9. BlueBeoWulf

    Items deleted as equipped.

    I was just playing Terraria on a kindle tablet on the newest version, and I put all my items in a chest so that I could equip the same items with another character. When I equipped those items, everything was deleted, including all my armor and accessories, such as frostspark boots and lava...
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