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    Resolved [Mobile] Is this an Easter egg?

    I forgot to post about this while playing 3 weeks ago, it's possible to move the sun and moon in the world creation screen and in the main menu if you hold them with your finger and move them to other parts of the screen :D Nothing big just wanted to share this, sorry I couldn't record it or...
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    Resolved [Mobile] Are the PC and Mobile world sizes the same now?

    I remember pre 1.3 mobile didn't have large worlds and now I have the option to make a large world and it's so freaking big! Took me like 5 minutes to travel just to one edge of the world while bring a ghost and then 3 more minutes for each hell and space! What I want to know if they have the...
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    Resolved [Mobile] Developer Items?

    I remember those items being illegal in the 1.2 versions and the only way to get them was in some YouTube videos where the uploader shared a world with all items. Are those items still illegal or is there a way to get them in 1.3 versions? I really liked one mask that looked like a reaper and...
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    Mobile Small Glitch and Customizable UI?

    The FPS counter is in the bottom for me and it's not fully shown and I can't move it to any other place while in-game and it's hilarious how it's fully shown while in the main menus only! While the old jump is back in the recent updates I still can't change the size of the controls or disable...
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    Mobile Can you make the Bunny Pet available?

    Since all the Terraria versions are going to based on the PC version I was thinking if this Collectors Edition pet will be finally available to us humble mobile (and console?) players? This is the only compensation I would choose for all the deleted mobile exclusive content from the old...
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