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  1. SnailsAttack

    Other Art Space Station Thing

    I made a space station in minecraft using the Cocricot texture pack and I think it came out really nice. thanks for looking at my stuff if you have any questions feel free to ask ok bye
  2. SnailsAttack

    Sprites Natural Gases

    Natural Gases would be new, liquid-like blocks that generate underground in pockets of various size. Sometimes they can fill an entire cave! Unless stated otherwise, all gases : - Are non-reactive with liquids and will treat them like blocks - Rise instead of sink - Cause the breath meter to...
  3. SnailsAttack

    Sprites (another) Potion Suggestion

    I think I've made at least one other potion suggestion, but now I've decided to redo the sprites, writing, etc, and add a few more potions. Lovesick Potion x1 x1 x1 Hearts heal the player for 30 health instead of 20, and also drop a bit more frequently. Repulse Potion x5 x1 x1 The player...
  4. SnailsAttack

    Sprites Technetium Equipment - A New Pre-Hardmode Subclass

    So I had an interesting idea for a new subclass based on the engineer from TF2. Here's what I've worked on.. Technetium Technetium is a new ore that generates uncommonly in large chunks in the cavern layer of the outer third of the world. It can only be mined with a pickaxe that has a power...
  5. SnailsAttack

    Sprites Alkaline Slime

    I think someone else threw this concept around a year or two ago. I made a sprite for it but they abandoned their account like a week later, so I decided that I might as well put it to use and build on their suggestion. Alkaline Slime 800 Health 60 Damage, 85 Ranged Damage 25 Defense Drops ...
  6. SnailsAttack

    Sprites Mystical Rune - Making Yoyos a bit more interesting

    As they stand, yoyos are fairly fun weapons. Theres not much to them, although they are useful. But what if there was a new way to use yoyos? And thus I present the mystical rune. Mystical Rune The Mystical Rune is an accessory that has a 1/10 chance to spawn floating around in a dungeon...
  7. SnailsAttack

    Wormhole Potion Alternate Use(s)

    Some Alternate Uses for Wormhole Potions The wormhole potion is incredibly useful in multiplayer, whereas in singleplayer it serves no purpose. While it won't fill your chests as it doesn't naturally drop from pots, it's still a shame that it doesn't have a use. This is why I think that the...
  8. SnailsAttack

    TCF Suggestion Longer thread save times.

    Have you ever been in the process of making a big suggestion, but forgotten about it for a day and delt with the pain of realizing that the entire thing has been erased? I think that there should be an option to keep thread drafts for longer than just 24 hours. Maybe we could increase it to like...
  9. SnailsAttack

    TCF Suggestion Advanced Color Picker

    Colored text is fun. But it takes some work to get a custom color. First you have to go to a color code creating website, and then you gotta edit the BB Code thing. I think it'd be nice to have a sort of color picker thing as an option. This way we could finally use a color between yellow and...
  10. SnailsAttack

    Sprites Bullet Improvements, Changes, and Additions

    In terraria, there are not that many types of *useful* bullets. In fact, I'd say there are about the bare minimum of them. While there are quite a few bullets, there are many that are useless, annoying to use, or underpowered. There are also many that are downright overpowered and would be...
  11. SnailsAttack

    Fixing Game Progression

    Terraria has some fairly broken game progression. It's really easy to skip a load of tiers, most of which involve the evil biomes. I suggest that the player should be unable to break shadow orbs with bombs or hammers less powerful than the gold/platinum tier. (55+ Hammer Power) They should also...
  12. SnailsAttack

    Liquid Database

    Welcome to the liquid database! Note : This thread is based entirely off of the concept of terraria's game engine system being modified to allow for more than only 4 liquids. Let's begin. Here is a simple table I whipped up showing liquids from every suggestion I could find, and the...
  13. SnailsAttack

    How to force players to fight bosses?

    I am working on a custom map as of right now, and I am not sure how I can force players to fight bosses before they are allowed to progress. There are only 2 ways I know of so far. Honor system I could trust the players to progress only after defeating a boss. Block placement? I could make...
  14. SnailsAttack

    Sprites Rhodium [A Shroomite Counterpart]

    Rhodium Bar x1,x1 @Autohammer The cornerstone of this suggestion. (because chlorophyte didn't have enough uses as it was) Rhodium is a new material that acts as a counterpart to shroomite, and caters to the archer side of the ranger class. This is because the archer class gets kinda dropped...
  15. SnailsAttack

    Mirror Shield - Projectile Deflection!

    Mirror Shield The Mirror Shield is a new accessory crafted with the obsidian shield, magic mirror, and 30 gold/platinum bars. When equipped, there will be a 1/3 chance to reflect bullets or lasers back at their sender. Also, any medusa will be killed instantly if they are in the player's line...
  16. SnailsAttack

    Archimedes Mirror - Improving Ankh Shield

    + = Behold, the Archimedes Mirror! Named after the alleged death ray constructed by Archimedes, said to be able to set flame to objects from a distance. Unfortunately, the item I'm suggesting isn't nearly as cool as that. The archimedes mirror is a tinker between the hand warmer and pocket...
  17. SnailsAttack

    Ancient Cloth and the Pocket Mirror are completely useless?

    Gee, this item looks pretty interesting, I wonder what it does? As mentioned by user @Xylia, some items introduced in the 1.3.3 update are less useful and well thought-out than others. Lets take a look at a few of these items and how they could be changed for the better. Ancient Cloth It...
  18. SnailsAttack

    Unique Yoyo Effects

    Yo-yos aren't nearly as unique as they should be, and I feel that they could be improved with a few unique special effects. Pre-Hardmode Yoyos Malaise Spits out a gravity-affected vile spit projectile every few seconds that deals 12 damage. Artery Enemies have a 1/5 chance to drop a small...
  19. SnailsAttack

    Sprites Jellyfish Expansion

    Jellyfish Expansion The Jellyfish Expansion is a thread I have made that will expand upon jellyfish and their role in gameplay. It will also work with other pre-existing terraria features and items to improve the overall experience of the game. Pink Jellyfish Will now have a 1/5...
  20. SnailsAttack

    (showcase/request) Monolith Cycler

    The Monolith Cycler is a concept that I more or less came up with. It's pretty much my first wiring invention. Basically all it is is a 5-part timer cascade thats wired to 4 monoliths, which are cycled through. This works because the first timer turns on each monolith. Then the next 4 go...
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