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  1. v1tell

    PC The Calamity Texture Pack

    Greetings! Welcome to... The Calamity Texture Pack! -This pack attempts to improve vanilla sprites and make them more pleasing to the eye. -Currently, we have amassed more than one-thousand sprites from community contributions. -More updates will be released periodically, with certain themes...
  2. v1tell

    Pixel Art Some of my best spritework so far.

    These are some of the best sprites I've made so far. I will update them from time to time. Most of the sprites are for my mod, but some of them have been submitted to other mods like Calamity or Varia, and some are for the texture pack me and some others are making.
  3. v1tell

    PC My Transformation of the Dungeon

    I transformed my dungeon into a cultist castle. Opinions? I'm proud of it. :D I was inspired by some of Rulick15's builds, and I did use mods to make this.
  4. v1tell

    PC Cozy Spawn Village

    I built a little village around my spawn, and I wanted to showcase it here! The Clothier's House Memorial Fountain, Stylist's Shop, Tavern, and Hot Spring Merchant's House and Shop, Spiral Staircase, and entrance to the Mines Large Estate Floating Spawn House and Furious Forge...
  5. v1tell

    tModLoader Yet Another Content Mod - Swords, slimes, and more!

    Hello there, and welcome to Yet Another Content Mod! This mod adds a plethora of content throughout the game, with emphasis on lategame. This mod currently adds: - 2 new bosses - 6 new armor sets - 100+ new weapons - 60+ new accessories - 10 new enemies With plans for much, much more...
  6. v1tell

    tModLoader Mod ideas?

    Im making a mod, and I'm having trouble coming up with new ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. v1tell

    Weird debug message popped up while playing with mods

    I was playing around with mods, and i summoned Plantera. While I was fighting I got this message in the corner of the screen. Does anyone know what it means and how to fix it?
  8. v1tell

    Modded Gear In Terraria Otherworld?

    I have a question for the community and the T:OW dev team alike: will the devs add items from popular mods like Calamity or Spirit? I personally would really like this, as some items from mods would fit REALLY nicely into the game. For example, the Cosmolight from Calamity(it changed day into...
  9. v1tell

    PC Join via steam not working

    Me and my friend really want to play together, but for some reason when my friend clicks the 'Join Via Steam' button, nothing is coming up. I can still join him, but he can't join me when i host because of this bug. Does anyone have any insight?
  10. v1tell

    Should the throwing class be a full class?

    The 1.3 update introduced a new class, with two new armor sets and a few weapons. But it is virtually impossible to complete the entire game as a throwing character, and it is considered a sub-class. So my question to you is: Should the developers at Re-Logic make the throwing class a full...
  11. v1tell

    PC Miscellaneous Builds From My Worlds!

    hello terraria enthusiasts(please don't sue me ChippyGaming)! For one of my first posts, I wanted to post some random builds I have on my worlds!
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