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  1. What is Many

    tModLoader I need help

    It is safe (if you download it from tModLoader's Steam Workshop) but very large, so it may be laggy on some devices
  2. What is Many

    Is there a way to start up Tmodloader without installing steam? (Linux)

    No one here can answer questions about pirated game.
  3. What is Many

    Needing People to help work with my mod for its 0.2 update

    I can code bosses but not the worldgen. But if you will still be unactive in my mod, I will be too :redspin:
  4. What is Many

    tModLoader Enemy Issue

    Have you also seen Worm.cs there?
  5. What is Many

    draw a sprite on any melee weapon

    Can you say it clearer please?
  6. What is Many

    How to make a item like the Spawn Egg from Minecraft but it can spawn NPCs from other mods?

    Use Main.rand.Next() to choose random NPC. First value should be NPCID.negativeID if remember right to also have a chance to spawn NPC that have negative ID. Second value have to be NPCLoader.NPCCount to count all modded npcs as well. Also don't forget to +1 to second value because...
  7. What is Many

    tModLoader Any example sentry?

    Just change the behavior of example minion and set Projectile.sentry = true;
  8. What is Many

    How to make a black hole effect?

  9. What is Many

    tModLoader Here's the thing... How can I make a sword shoot two projectiles?

    So just change false to true (just by making Shoot() returning false you prevent original projectile from being shot)
  10. What is Many

    What your favorite modded boss and why?

    Scarab Belief (Homeward Journey). I had Astrageldon as favourite boss for long time, but now changed my mind. It has unique concept, cool music and some unusual mechanics, like debuff that makes you die in a second if you not wear some accessory and summon method. Just a "god of nothing", nobody...
  11. What is Many

    tModLoader Edit NPC Data/Behavior with mods

    Look up tModLoader/ExampleMod/Common/GlobalNPCs/GuideGlobalNPC.cs at 1.4.4 · tModLoader/tModLoader and other Global NPCs for changing code of vanilla NPCs. Also you can change vanilla sprite by just changing its asset in ModSystem. That's how I did it: public override void PostSetupContent()...
  12. What is Many

    Can anyone make sprites for a Minecraft Villager Town NPC and a Yharim town NPC?

    Make it by yourself, 23-25 pretty similar frames are made in a couple of hours.
  13. What is Many

    tModLoader I need help

    Calamity is large. I have some lags too (I am on laptop). Try to not use any other big mod with Calamity
  14. What is Many

    Pixel Art Many's Art Thread

    updated, added recent art
  15. What is Many

    [ATTACH][ATTACH] idk for what I made this (I'm not even making serious texture pack) maybe'll...

    idk for what I made this (I'm not even making serious texture pack) maybe'll use for mod
  16. What is Many

    Default slime and spiked one. Trying generic 'oiled' style [ATTACH]

    Default slime and spiked one. Trying generic 'oiled' style
  17. What is Many

    Variant 2 [ATTACH]

    Variant 2
  18. What is Many

    Spriting wood is hell [ATTACH]

    Spriting wood is hell
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