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PC [1.4] TerrariaPatcher (plugins and more!)


The video is outdated. It doesn't work for me every time I try to patch&save it always doesn't work. It keeps saying error occurred.


v1.3.0.0: Updated for Terraria v1.4.2.3. Had to remove ChestSearch and InventoryEnhancements, difficult to update.
Pog Pog Poggies but there's a problem , the update button in the app doesn't work and also you haven't updated the download link , but its all good because you spent your time updating this wonderful app for all of us to use , so no rush my G.

Edit 1 : Also if you might want to make the patcher support tmodloader it would be amazing if you could manage to make it compatible with the magic storage mod because right now when you patch tmodloader with magic storage on, it crashes the game.
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