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tModLoader Annihilation Mod (W.I.P) [Recruiting Devs]

Delta Bec Noir

Skeletron Prime

The Annihilation Mod

A highly w.i.p mod i have been working on for a while, and made posts for this before, with slightly more progress this time, coding has been a thing that has been highly requested for the longest time, and still is due to the 2 coders of my mod doing nothing for the mod either way, and basically losing a spriter leaving me in charge of sprites in general to do on my own, and mostly making me do about all the work through the mods development, not including our music maker who ended up joining the dev team out of nowhere, previous one (name went from dragamous to krouzy now to otsuotsu) left the terraria community and suddenly faded from soundcloud with no warning, anyway back onto topic. Wl041204 has made at least 4 themes for the mod so far. Meanwhile i have been dealing with spriting and designs once again, but due to the lack of actual progress, my waiting has been draining my motivation to make more sprites and designs for my own mod, and other things as well, so which is why i am redoing this post for any of you guys who'd like to help me out and create a good mod to keep modding going with more good content mods

Planned Content: [Note some planned content have no ideas as of yet]
A new difficulty with new ai and another end boss
Many bosses with challenging ai [Note some already planned ai may be subject to change]
4 New biomes
1 New event and 2 New invasions
2 New classes
5 New town npc's
And a new game mechanic

Delta Bec Noir (The owner of course)

{Former Devs}
Geminous (Otsuotsu)

Kulvectus the Seer

Megnatar, Chaos Bringer

The Oceanic Terror

Ansolar, Crystium Guardian

Etralium, Shadow Mage

Hydrosis, Amphithere of Riptide

L-76 Experimental Warmech

Ansigma, Shattered God

Darkness Sentinel

Armageddon, Imprisoned Chaos Bringer

Kulvectus, Mechanical Atrocity

The Lunar Duo [Xenik, Kelgus]

Sigma the Corrupt Harbinger

Dreaded Devastator

Commander Omega

Commander Zeta

Veridea, the Shade Eater

Commander Gamma

Zlymuph the Forgotten Wizard

Armageddon, Grand Chaos Bringer

{Ascension/Post Armageddon}
Alpha Origin, United Trio

Ansolatix Restored

Zendotrix, Doomsday Bringer

Mechaneria, Mechanical Goddess

Cataclysmic, Darkness God

Azorina, Astral Goddess
Cragnulim, Elemental God

Xenocus the Corrupt Soul

Megnatar the Reignited Flame

Zynth the Supreme Harbinger

Armageddon, Eldritch Destroyer {Final Boss}

{Super Bosses}
True Armageddon, Reformed Destroyer
true armageddon complete.png

Boss Hint.png

So far thats all i got to show really, once there is actual progress i will have more to show, but anyway, if you'd like to join our discord server the invite link is here if you want to join
Join the Annihilation Mod Official Discord Server!
All help is appreciated and if you want to become a dev, dm either my main or alt discord accounts "Bec Noir the Killer Doggo#8732 and Delta Bec Noir ALT#2306" to apply for dev

[Progress Videos:
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Delta Bec Noir

Skeletron Prime
All boss images have been updated with their new designs and sprites (new megnatar resprite is pending right now) and for the record, anyone who is willing to join the dev team can join in freely, as long as they apply for dev and give examples or something (its recommended)
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This mod looks very impressive considering how little people know of it. Could I help with spriting? If needed, I could send examples of my sprting.

Delta Bec Noir

Skeletron Prime
This is beyond Impressive, It might replace calamity and some other mods for me
And thanks, we are trying to get as much progress as we can, even if it's not much in such a slow amount of time. Though that last bit is up to debate we ain't there just yet, maybe by the next few version's the mod could get close to that point :D
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