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Almost 70 hours have gone into this world and character. What a remarkable, beautiful journey this has been for me. Never before have I taken as much time to smell the roses and shape the world to my heart's and imagination's desires. Before I fight the Wall of Flesh and change the world forever by activating Hardmode, I thought I'd take one last time to reminisce over the memories and to share them with you all, as well. I hope y'all enjoy, and apologies for the picture spam. X3

In order:

1) World spawn and my main base. Tree was built from scratch. Storage, crafting area, and trophy room is located down below, and to the far-left you can see my semi-AFK lava trap arena. The house at the base of the tree I call "Guide Corner", and the tree and base itself I call the "Dryad's Blessing".

2) Heading to the left of Dryad's Blessing // Guide's Corner, you encounter a little greenhouse with a small living wood tree erupting out of it. This I call "Fairy Tree", or simply "the Greenhouse". This is where I store all of my critters, fishing equipment and catches, potions, seeds, potion making materials, food and drinks, healing items, so forth.

3) Further left of the greenhouse, we encounter another large (in this case, naturally generated) living wood tree, where several NPC's have taken root. The golfer lives in the hut to the right, with the land beyond called "Golfer's Grove". The main tree itself does not have an official name, and is the temporary home of the Party Girl. The Dryad and her cat live in "Critter Sanctuary", on the opposite end of "Minnow Lake".

4) In-between the desert settlement (more on that later) and to the right of Dryad's Blessing is my humble little arena. It does not work well for the Old One's Army, unfortunately. :p

5) On the far-left beach, "Coral Cove", sits a shanty inspired tavern and adjacent house.

6) Deep in the underwater cave on the same side of the world are two structures - my best at creating something resembling clams or shells mixed with coral - housing the Dye Trader and the Hair Stylist.

7) To the right of Dryad's Blessing is a small desert village centre in a land called "Sandstorm Oasis".

8) Deep in the underground jungle next to my Plantera arena is a former Queen Bee hive converted housing settlement for various NPC's. "Honeycomb Heights", it's called.

9) Down in the far depths just above the underworld itself, to the very left side of the world, is a once abandoned wooden house, house flipped to suit the needs of the Demolitionist and Tavernkeep. Currently unnamed. :)

10) On one of the sky lakes in my world, I swiftly put together a little unoccupied skyware settlement, providing a perfect save haven for fishing.

11-13, & 15) Three of my builds at night. :)

14) My snow biome town, currently unnamed, and unfinished. Thought I'd drop it in anyhow.

16) Finally, a bird's eye view of the entire world map!

Capture 2024-01-09 23_10_15.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_10_52.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_11_32.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_08_54.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_12_09.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_12_43.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_13_08.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_13_42.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_14_20.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_16_06.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_16_37.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_17_11.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_18_47.png

Capture 2024-01-09 23_19_24.png

(Unfinished. ^^^)

Capture 2024-01-09 23_19_58.png

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wow, i love every single build and all the details!:dryadpassionate: I hope to dedicate so much love to one of my worlds one day. It looks so great, i can not stop looking at ur main base or the beach camp or the coral cave.
Thank you, I very much appreciate it. :) Feel free to take inspiration from anything you like, should you wish. To each their own, but I would honestly recommend to anyone to take their time in at least some of their worlds. It's honestly become the default way I play the game now haha.
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