Can't do anything in Tmodloader (


I installed some mods with friends and the server was going well until a bunch of gold ducks started spawning every day nonstop and I thought it was because of the AFKPets mod's npc which has a duck hunt minigame. Whenever it was daytime, a lot of gold ducks would spawn and I couldn't do anything -- open chests, pick up items, mine anything, kill anything, but my friends could do everything normally and even saw that I wasn't even moving on my screen. I tried unloading the mod in hopes it would work, but it didn't and I still had these issues but when I switched to singleplayer it seemed to work. Any ideas on what I should do?

Here's my modlist and thanks in advance for any advice!
afk's pets and more
base mod
calamity (no calamity music)
calamity music
calamity's vanities
fargos mutant mod
hero's mod
more accessories
recipe browser
shorter respawn time
which mod is this from
alchemist npc
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Try disabling them one by one until the problem is solved, and then reenable one by one until you've found the problem mods.
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