Pixel Art [Continuous Updating] Many self-made items, weapons, enemies, bosses and so on

After defeating the Slime Riot event, Dr. Kazever will have a new dialogue, informing you that the Alpha Plan is too unstable and dangerous, easily leading to similar disaster events, so it has to be temporarily suspended. However, this plan is not without gains, as the Bunker has successfully produced a few sets of prototype Alpha technology equipment that can be handed over to you for use.

Since conventional weapons are ineffective against Shadows, the Bunker created "Alpha Technology" to artificially create Shadows, merge them with alloys, and manufacture weapons specifically targeting shadows.

The complete form of this plan is called "Black Beam Technology" (黑光). However, the frenzied shadows are prone to breaking control, causing damage. It is necessary to use suppressors to inhibit the activity of the Shadows. However, if the suppression is too strong, it will weaken the weapon's performance, and if it is too weak, it will pose a danger. This is the reason why the Alpha Plan has to be temporarily suspended.

You can provide alloy materials to the trading post to obtain the prototype of Alpha armor, including copper/tin, iron/lead, silver/tungsten, gold/platinum, and cataclysmic sediment. The defensive capabilities of Alpha armor are strong but will slightly reduce your movement speed. Double-clicking the down arrow key will release the suppressor, fully unleashing the Shadows in the armor. At this point, your health will continuously decrease, but your attack power will increase. Shadows will emanate around you, rotating and can deflect projectiles and damage enemies.
A few days ago, I was busy with the start of the new semester at my university, so I didn't have time to update. Here is today's update. By the way, I feel that the text description in this thread is a bit too lengthy. My English is not that good, and it's a bit challenging for me to write so much text even with the help of AI, especially when I'm busy with school. So I plan to reduce the text description a bit and focus more on images.

With the help of new equipment, you can try to challenge some enemies that you once found difficult to defeat, such as the Void Travelers in the Cataclysmic Rift.
"You feel the air wriggling..."
"The cracks in space are spreading..."
"The Void Ripper is awoken!"

After killing three Void Travelers, a rift will open in space, and the Void Ripper will emerge from it. This Boss shares HP across all its body segments and does not split apart. The Boss will frequently travel through space by creating wormholes and intentionally appear near players. The wormholes created by the Boss have gravity, attracting players and causing damage upon contact. As the Boss's health decreases, it will create brief, persistent rifts in the areas it passes through, which also have gravity and cause damage.


Here is a part of the Boss drops. The cleaver can split large spatial rifts, attracting enemies. The staff can create a large black hole that moves slowly following the mouse cursor, attracting enemies, but it consumes a lot of mana. The black eyeball below is an accessory. When equipped, double-clicking the left or right arrow keys allows the player to teleport to the cursor position. It shares cooldown time with the rod of discord.
"Actually, we have a plan parallel to the Alpha Project: the Beta Project," Dr.Kazever tells you. "The light from the sun is actually a powerful weapon against the Shadows, but artificial light is ineffective, and of course, an artificial sun would not work either. However, the fruits of the sacred living tree in the jungle contain some unique materials that can catalyze artificial light sources to have the same effect as sunlight. After prolonged and inconclusive negotiations with the elven tribe, they have finally agreed to provide us with a small amount of sacred tree fruits - even if it comes at a cost. I hope you can help us escort the fruit samples."


The sacred living tree fruits need to be transported using self-propelled culture dishes. You need to escort the empty culture dish to the jungle and then bring it back to the Bunker. Upon arriving in the jungle, the elves still appear somewhat unwelcoming but will no longer attack you without cause. In the center of the jungle stands an exceptionally tall giant tree, which is the sacred living tree of the elves. The sacred tree is hollow, and at the top of its canopy, there is a palace where you will meet the elven queen and obtain the fruits.

The queen.

The culture dish with fruit samples inside.
However, things don't go so smoothly. When you return to the Bunker with the sample, you will be attacked by cultists.

The cultists will pour in from both sides of the screen, and you must protect the culture dish from being destroyed while fending off the attacks. After a fierce battle, you break through the siege. However, you notice that an unarmed cultist not far away has been watching the battle.

At this moment, the cultist slowly floats into the air, with a blade in hand that unfolds like a crescent moon - the real battle has just begun.

The Reaper (收割者), Boss. The Reaper's body is fragile, with low HP, but strong attack power. It can dash, swing its scythe for fierce slashes, and throw the scythe, which will return to its hand like a boomerang. While the scythe is flying, you can knock it down to the ground, forcing the Reaper to pick it up again. Without holding the scythe, the Reaper's defense becomes more vulnerable.

When the Reaper's HP drops below 25%, something is squirming beneath its robe. Then, dark tentacles suddenly emerge from the Reaper's hood and scythe - this is the true form of the Reaper.

As the Reaper enters the second phase, its HP will be fully restored, and its max HP will increase. The Reaper will retain all skills from the first phase but will be faster, more aggressive, and have new attack patterns. The Reaper can summon a few followers and Shadows. It can spin the scythe while dashing continuously, reflecting ranged attacks. When the thrown scythe is knocked down, the Reaper can briefly charge in place before making the scythe automatically flying back to its hand, causing damage upon return.
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