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Disable shift/ctrl click trash


Yes, please give us a way to separate the quick-trash from the smart cursor and other stuff. I use smart cursor, and a variety of the shift-actions. This is specifically what gets me in trouble because I don't notice that there's no space in the destination chest or something, and that the last X items all got trashed instead of moved.

I *never* want to quick trash anything. Ever. I really want to be able to disable this functionality entirely.

I just looked through every mod on mod nexus hoping that someone might have made a mod that does this, but couldn't see anything that sounded like it might.


Yes, I understand that. However at the rate that I accidentally trash things, I'm more likely to trash *terraria* out of frustration and go back to playing Minecraft. I can deal with inventories getting full. I much rather deal with that then deal with accidentally deleting things that I wanted.
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