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Help. I can't deal with this BS anymore. I can't even play AT ALL on this damn world purely because I can't live long enough to progress. I'm doing an Expert Mode Mage playthrough, and Every. Single. Fricking. Thing. In the entire game has made it it's soul purpose to screw me over and prevent me from progressing. I have an annoying Crimson Rod and that's it. I can't make a gem staff because my world has decided that's overrated and will not give me enough gems to make one. I can't extract it since I can't mine fossils or slush without having a random impossible to kill creature come by and tear my guts out. I'm stuck. What the hell do I do, I can't handle this.

I also can't feel my hand since I've been pounding it into my desk so much.
I feel like perhaps expert mode isn't for you - it's intended for seasoned veterans of the game who have enough experience and know the game so well that they can defeat an extremely tough game.

You can use programs such as tedit to change the world off expert if it is indeed too much.
You probably have a point. Welp! Time to delete 30 hours of work
Don't! If you don't feel confident converting from expert yourself, upload the world file here and I'll do it myself (though I can't straight away).

If you need any help with finding world files etc just post here.
While I agree that expert mode (especially playing pure mage) may simply be too big a challenge for your skill level, if you do stick with it, your next step should be to mine meteorite and get the space gun and meteor armor. Since you have the crimson rod, I assume meteors have fallen, or will soon. You may not have a strong enough pickaxe for this either, but unlike fossil, you can use bombs.
Yea I have a strong enough pickaxe. Just the meterorite has yet to fall, which is unfortunante. I'm not gonna convert the world anyway. I can't even solo Moon Lord was a Vortex Beater and full Vortex Armor, so I probably need to absolutely play more. Not even 200 hours lol. Too much Nigishu bingewatch I guess
I also had severe problems when I first started expert mode, but over time and with better gear, I started getting used to it.

I would suggest is to not go for one specific class if you're playing in an expert world for the first time, since you're going to need every advantage you can get, especially when you're new to it, even more so since mages have very limited options at the beginning of the game.
If you really want to play a mage, though, see if you can get lucky and get a water bolt from the dungeon. Other than that, I can only suggest you carefully advance through the jungle to get Jungle Armor and Heart Crystals.

Edit: Getting a Starfury from floating islands is also extremely useful, since the falling stars you can summon with it can be used to reveal caves underground, wince they create light on impact.
Also, you can smash more crimson hearts and simply use a mirror/recall potion if the Brain of Cthulu spawns.

Also keep in mind that you can relatively easily craft basic potions like regeneration potions and ironskin potions with just some daybloom and iron/lead ore or mushrooms.
I also recommend catching and cooking some fish to give you the well fed buff, which greatly increases your survivability in expert mode, since it brings your health regeneration to its normal, non-reduced level.
Those buffs will give you several times faster health regeneration and 7-8 less damage from each hit you take.

You can also place down a campfire whenever you stay in place for a bit to e.g. mine fossils to boost your health regeneration further.
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