PC Hotbar not Respecting Keybinds

Spyder Z

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I've unbound all my Hotbar Controls and I use the Number Pad / Number Row for various controls (Jump, Grapple, Smart Cursor, Etc.). The game does not distinguish between Number Pad and the Number Row Unfortunately, and it appears that somewhere in the code the Hotbars are "Hard Coded". While I'm navigating the game, the Hotbar will randomly jump to the key being used for movement controls (5, 4, 1, etc.) which is of course disastrous while fighting, and incredibly annoying else. -.-


I've noticed the same problem recently, i binded the first slot to mouse4 and slot 5 to mouse5. Other slots are binded to nothing. I noticed that if i press the number keys nothing happens as the slots are not binded to those keys. BUT if i press the number keys during an attack animation (zenith for example) it will switch hotbar slot even tho its not binded to that key
for a better example
i press number 3: nothing changes in the hotbar
i attack with the zenith
while the animation is going i press number 3 and my hotbar switches to the 3rd slot
it's very annoying and i have no idea how to solve it please help :(
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