PC I have found something interesting with portals.

As you all know, in the 1.3 update, the Portal Gun was added to Terraria. One day while messing around with it, I had found out sometimes at a certain distance (Still figuring out distance), if I had it on the other side of a one block wall and dashed into it (I had Solar Armor, so it used the solar shield thing), it would react as if I had walked into it. This could possibly open up some new ideas for mechanisms of some sort.
I had noticed this a while ago while helping someone with....something (I forget what >_>). Glad someone else found it, too

Also works with falling from above.
I think this is because a high velocity can actually send entities through blocks. This can be easily seen when using sticky bombs:

If you stand on the floor and throw it down it stays on the ground. If you go up until the floor is off screen and throw the bomb down it goes slightly into the floor.

So I think what's happening here is you're going fast enough that you slightly phase through the blocks and make contact with the portal.
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