Maybe Terraria Overhaul Chat spams by dmg numbers hit/taken


That's frustrating me. I don't have clues about bugs. May that case do you know bugs occurred likes mine?

Mod lists: Calamity, Boss Checklist, Pouches and Quivers, Iridium, Bismuth Mod, Bags (Included in Calamity), Recipe Browser, Terraria Overhaul, MechTransfer, Hero's Mod, More Yoyos, Yet Another Boss Health Bar, Dual Wielding, Better Yoyos, Wing Slot, and AlchemistNPC.

I am trying to firgure out how to disable damage visibility in the chat. Please Help!
Overhaul has its own console for debugging purposes, and so there's no chat-related debug text. Disable mods one by one to find the mod at fault.
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