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Hello, I'm the maker of the more spell books mod, BBackx. The more spell books mod is a small mod developed by me. Currently it adds 50+ new spell books and over 55 new items! I've worked pretty hard on this mod and appreciate it if you'd try it out!

What can I expect from this mod?
First of all, lots of spellbooks! From start to finish!
New recipes, such as for normal books!
New projectiles!
And more!

Why is this mod not fully released yet?
First of all I want to add even more spell books, so you have lots of choice. I also want to add more balance in the items and other stuff like special crafting stations for the late hardmode books or accesoires that boost your spell books

How often will updates release?
I will try to work on this mod A LOT, although that may not always be possible as I can be busy. I will try to release one update every 1-2 weeks

I found a bug, what do I do about it?
If you found a bug you're free to DM me on discord - BBackx#3973 - My DMs are always open! I don't have a discord server for this mod but I will make one if a lot of people DM me about this mod.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to:
- Jelo for making some of the sprites
- Andreas for making some of the sprites
- Everyone who played my mod
- The Terraria community
- The people on discord for helping me with ideas
- My dog for being awesome

Thanks for reading!
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Maybe go for kinda adding 4 books 1 from jungle ingredients, 1 for hellstone, 1 for dungeon ( or u could just use waterbolt ) and 1 for corruption / crimson and have a nights edge version ( maybe a crimson nights edge ) and hollowed on the way to a terra weapons
oh and i figure this is already planned but maybe add a line of armor that increases spell book damage
and I know this is beta and has a lot of work but maybe even add like an alternative nebula set
I wasn't able to find any info on any of the items added by this mod, such as the exact amount of damage that the ~45 tomes deal, their use times, any unique effects they might have, the points of progression at which you unlock them, how to unlock them, what the new recipes are for existing items, "And more!" what this entails, etc., etc. Do you have a wiki or a github where this information is listed?
Really like this mod and I think it should be in vanilla Terraria! You could make a new book by combining the golden shower/cursed flames with the crystal storm to make a weapon that is balanced with the hallow and the crimson/corruption.
Is this mod out? I can't see a mod called more spell books in tmod loader


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