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tModLoader Paradox Mod

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The Paradox Mod is a content-based mod that intends to add more entities, ways to play, invasions and events
The development team is rather small however, the Development team is looking for the following:
- Spriters
- Coders
- Musicians

The Rig - Smog

SlinkyCoil - Mod Creator
Delta Bec Noir - Spriter
CinnamonEX - Coder
Terra King - Music
Atomic Renegade - Music

If you wanna draw stuff for the mod, go right ahead - It will make it here!
Nightmare Queen - Delta Bec Noir

(The current Early Beta version can be downloaded in the server)

Big Sapper

Interstellar Apocalypse

Nightmare Queen

Titan Oarfish

Town NPCs
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