Other Slider for inventory/chest transparency and an option to remove the "gaps"

Do you think everyone should be able to choose the GUI they prefer?

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Asif Baig

Managing inventory is a big part of the game and I've found the current inventory to be too transparent. The background scenery (especially if you are in your home) "leaks" through and makes it quite hard to identify your items, sometimes obscuring them completely. This is augmented by the "gaps" in between the inventory slots which "help" the background image become even more prominent and therefore, more intrusive.

Two examples shown below:



The items in the last row of the chest (against a background of the plain sky) are much easier to see than the rest of the items in that chest, the entire player inventory and the equipment area because the latter three are against vivid backgrounds that leak through the transparency and make it difficult and tedious to discern the item in the foreground.

Since there are people who prefer the current GUI, I would request the addition of a slider that allows you to control the transparency of inventory and chest slots, allowing you to make it completely opaque if you want to. And a selectable option to "remove the gaps" between in the inventory slots. This way people can choose whichever appearance they like better and I, along with several others (according to google), will have a much better time browsing our spoils of war.
Great suggestion.

1. No transparency on inventory/dye/social/equip slots.
2. The cursor shouldn't react to objects/NPCs behind inventory slots.


Edit: In the image below, the wires happen to shine through buff icons and their timers (as well as the action bar being semi-transparent).


Edit: Is the Well Fed buff duration perfectly clear to everyone?


Please and thank you. :)
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