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tModLoader [SOLVED]Fargo's Soul Mod: Parts of enchantments don't work


No idea if this is the correct place to post this so if it's not please point me in the direction of where i should.

When I equip enchantments some of the features don't work, such as on the valadium enchantment I don't get the effects of the "Mirror of the Beholder". Or on the magma enchantment I don't get the effects of the spring steps or the slag stompers. No idea if this is a glitch, a mod interference, or i'm just plain stupid.

Mods: Begone, Evil!, WeaponOut, Pre-Hardmode Teleportation, The Shop Market, Block Swap, No More Tombs, Fargos Music Mod, Sleep Mod, Use Control to Quick Trash, Auto Trash, Smart Doors, imkSushi's Mod, Wing Slot, Fargos Mod DLC, Thorium Class Tags Consistency, AutoReforge, Census, Alchemist NPC Lite, Boss Cursor, Which Mod Is This From, Luiafk, Fargos Soul Mod, Yet Another Boss Healthbar, Veinminer, Magic Storage, Thorium, Recipe Browser, Boss Checklist.

TLDR: i am plain stupid, activate in mod config
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Figured it out literally two minutes after posting this, you have to activate them in your mod config for the Souls DLC
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