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Steampunk Airship


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Hello again! Back with another build today...

This one took a while, if you couldn't tell by the time between my last post. As I mentioned earlier, this is a revisit of one of my favorite 1.3 builds: the jungle airship. While the old one was cool, I felt like I never fully expanded on the idea I had, namely of a mini city on an airship. This time, I tried to go all in.

Without further ado... Behold! My ship!
Capture 2021-06-25 13_15_11.png

as is customary, night-time shot:
Capture 2021-06-25 13_15_04.png

There are obviously a lot of rooms, so here are a few closeups of areas I like:

The captain's quarters
Capture 2021-06-25 13_16_31.png

rooftop restaurant
Capture 2021-06-25 13_16_06.png

butcher shop and stall:
Capture 2021-06-25 13_16_57.png

alchemy station
Capture 2021-06-25 13_19_32.png

computer(targeting or smth idk) room
Capture 2021-06-25 13_15_48.png

bridge (let me know if you spot the references)
Capture 2021-06-25 13_15_30.png

neon district
Capture 2021-06-25 13_17_19.png

and of course, the ship name: Paradis, city of the skies
Capture 2021-06-25 13_18_07.png

There are a lot of animated areas that I don't know how to show, but most of the signs blink, the propellers "spin", and the airlock actually works.

Hope you enjoyed, and as always, feel free to roast me down below vvvvv


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    Capture 2021-06-25 13_19_47.png
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Another fun thing: there are 25 houses in total (i'm pretty sure...) so just enough to leave out your least favorite NPC! Sorry angler, you can stay on land...

Edit: actually, with the added lounge at the back, there are exactly 26, so that jerk gets to come along anyways...
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