Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Release Date Revealed!

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Wait will the tavern keeper and tax collector spawn in current world or will I have to make make a new world
The tavern keeper and the Old One's Army event arn't in this update, that will come later.

The tax collector has to be rescued from the Underworld, I think his first form should spawn in older worlds.
Nice. It will only be in the first week of school so the schedule won’t be too hard.

I am also surprised more people haven’t responded to this yet.
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Can we just get all the update and have the game default to how it was before the update and be to the player choice if he wants to play to cinematic 15 fps?

Feels like rocks on my chest when I read the part where the game will outright not update if you don't have the exact requirements

Ooooor have the update as a "beta" and if u want to see how it runs on your device you press the enter the beta button on the play store

Or anything else that isn't Gate keeping the update

I don't spend money for this stuff

Someone who didn't pay money and downloads the game haves a better chance at forcing the game to run in his phone than someone that did pay amazing
Can't wait to play it!
My iPhone 5S just barely meets the minimum reqs... glad I decided to get a new phone soon.
I feel pretty confident that my Samsung Tab A 2016 will run the game smoothly. But we'll see. I was pretty nervous about controls, like how am I going to use jumping accessories such as cloud in a bottle and other stuff? But I'm sure I'll get used to the new controls. This post seriously gave me a heart attack. And that's good.
I cant wait thank you to Dr studios and relogic for doing such a good job and thank you Loki for keeping us it to date with every new bit off info for 1.3 and answering many questions!♥️
Somewhere out there, a YouTuber with a name like XTurboXxBestdownloadsTOTALLYnotputingVirusinyourphone2015
Is having the time of his life as he uploads his memeware miner filled apk to Mega or something

But nooooo paying users can't even try to see how it runs in their phone
Will enemy spawn/drop rates and mechanics be updated in the 1.3 update? Ex: chaos Elementals will only spawn on hallowed blocks that are not in hallowed biomes on mobile, and they are much rarer than on pc. Will issues like this be fixed?
I'm getting the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 that launches at the end of August, I'll be able to play at Max settings which will be friggin SAWEET. For multiple reasons mainly the Terraria reason. Lol and later on a pretty decent PC for the PC version. THANK YOU ALL TO WHOM CONTRIBUTED AND ESPECIALLY THE GAMING DEV GODS
That is a lift from what DR gave me last month... and no one noticed until today. Color yourselves embarrassed too. :eek:
I noticed it right after you posted that thread but I didn't wanna seem prudish or rude about it so I kept my mouth shut. Lol
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