The Highest Speeds Possible in Vanilla Terraria


Hello Terrarians ! Sorta recently (some months ago) I got into trying to get super high speeds in Terraia. I discovered that Inner Tubes are a very great and fast way to get high speeds. So, I started testing. After some time I reached the speed of ~1500 mph with an Inner Tube cannon (what I call the machines which gets you to crazy speeds with Inner Tubes) which made me very happy, but when I saw the World Record of Terraria movement speed at that time (achieved by Bahamut) which was obtained with Portal Boosting in at 3,152 mph. I tried breaking it and after some new Inner Tube cannon designs, actually broke it. Then I posted it on the "Fastest Terrarian ever!" thread and basically stopped making Inner Tube cannons but checked in to see how I could make a better Cannon once in a while. Then, one day I noticed that Bahamut had replied to my speed with a speed record of their own attained using Inner Tubes (17005mph). They conveniently made a video on it and told me how it worked (Which I am VERY thankful for) but I noticed that they were not using some important things in Inner Tube launchers such as a Featherfall potion (Which is greatly helpful). So, I took (A LOT OF) inspiration from their design and tried making my own Inner Tube cannon, and WOW it has produced some astounding results.
While I am writing this, it is still running in the background and so far I have reached above 100,000 mph but right now I am at 133,000 mph and still going .The speed of the player doubles when they get out of water so technically I could have 266,000mph right now. All of these speeds were achieved in Vanilla Terraria.

69420 mph.png 100000 mph.png Screenshot_243.png
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